MAG is Gold, Beta for Everyone Soon

On behalf of everyone at Zipper Interactive, I'm proud to announce that following our successful series of beta programs this past fall, our 256-player first-person shooting spectacular, MAG, has gone gold in North America, Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asia. It is now headed off to manufacturing so that the game can make it from store shelves to PlayStation 3s all over the world. Expect MAG to drop on January 26 in North America and Asia, January 28 in Japan, and January 29 in Korea.


You can download the Beta tomorrow from PS Store and the Beta will be playable on Jan. 5th

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Redlogic3222d ago

I just downloaded the Modnation beta (awesome by the way!) and then I get to download this?!? even sweeter!!

nefertis3222d ago

dammit i need to save up money to get a ps3 all these games ahhhh dammit im losing my mind. i will get it in feb just in time for wkc.

Dutch Boogie3222d ago

The ps3 is where it's at right about now. I pity any fool who hasn't bought one come Christmas. Next year will deliver some of the best games in the history of gaming.

himdeel3222d ago

...but over night. Just in case its the usual 2+ gig download they had with the first beta. Nothing worse than seeing 2+ gigs in the download screen que only to have the connection time out again and again. Hope that's fixed! Anyway I'm all over MAG or should I say it'll be all over me...hell I don't know...

mrv3213222d ago

Off topic. I've seen some youtube videos which are just people with camera and not a capture device.

So answer me this, how are the controls... some other guy answered and I am not good at racing so I want to see how good they are.

Also have you made a track?

pimpmaster3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

im no hater and i have a ps3, but trust me , mag just straight out blows. i played the mag beta for about an hour and never went back to it. the bad company 2 beta completely blows it away in terms of graphics and gameplay. hate to tell u this but mag is looking to be another comparable game to haze and lair.

hey dont dissagree, leave a reply instead to tell me why im so wrong.

FamilyGuy3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I don't think people like you, i don't like you.

As far as MAG goes, EVERY PS3 owner (in the states?) will be able to test out the game for themselves.

I don't believe it'll be a hit or the greatest thing that happened to FPSs but at least they're trying something new. I can see a few of the negative points about the game being true which leads me to believe this.
1. Feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of the battle. Gamers want to feel like they matter
2. It not being as pretty as other games because they focused on size > graphical quality. Some gamers are all about the visuals
3. It not being as good as other FPSs like Battle Field BC or MW2. I reeeeally like Uncharted 2s multi-player yet I constantly here people say "it's nothing compared to such-and-such" and MAG will probably end up being called out for the same thing

I wish this game the best and will being trying out that beta myself to have an accurate judgment but I can understand some of the negativity. Luckily this game isn't being hyped to high hell and I expect ModNationRacers to surprisingly trump all these AAA PS3 games (except GOW3) coming out so soon anyway.

mario8883222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

BTF2 is pretty much the same gameplay as MW2 when it comes to weapons but a with less Auto Aim. Sniping is where this game is a challenge and that's really the only thing about it that I liked about it. I got bored of it quick.

mugoldeneagle033222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I'm not one of your 12 disagrees, but i'll disagree with you.

True, MAG is not the best looking game out there, that's a given. But it does do what so many other online shooters these days don't, incorporate mass teamwork. Shooters like MW2, KZ2 barely incorporate it, the closest shooter this gen would be SOCOM Confrontation, with oddly enough originated from Zipper.

And when I say teamwork I don't mean saying one thing on the mic and hoping your teammate does it. It means your entire squad holding down or going for an objective. And it's completely rewarding.

I've said it on here before and i'll say it again, MAG is a team game and is WAY more fun if you play with friends. Trust me. 80% of the people that I've read that disliked the game said they played by themselves and that's not the way to play. Since the closed beta I rolled with the same squad the whole time and it's so much fun. Hell, even when we lose, it was like, a good disappointment, which is weird to say.

So to everyone giving the upcoming beta a chance, play with friends if you can. And I guarantee this game wont let you down.

It wont be GOTY by any means, but its my most anticipated shooter of next year ahead of the next Call of Duty, BFBC2 (which I played - looked great but has the same gameplay as any other shooter) and Bioshock 2 (depending on how good the storyline is)

Proxy3222d ago

Any game who releases a demo, especially before launch, shows confidence in their game.

Putting the beta out for public critique shows even more confidence.

Chubear3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I've been jonesing for some MAG since beta ended thinking 26th Jan was a bit too far but now this. Awesome!

If you like CoD4 type stuff then go enjoy that but no need to dogg on something that someone else prefers. I prefer team based gaming. In MW and BC type online shooters you barely feel anything when you lose a big match as long as you get high XP and rank top 3 on the score board you're just like "yup, everyone sucked except for me - NEXT!"

But in MAG, even if you're in the top 3 in XP in your platoon of 128 players, it feels like a condolence prize after you see that big "MAJOR DEFEAT" on the screen. Maybe it's cause MAG feels like a game of chess and when you get beat it feels like the other guys were SMARTER than you and that's not a good feeling.

It's a very different mind set with MAG players. In MW types you level up to get better equipment for your own personal progression so YOU can pwn in games. In MAG you level up to get better equipment to help your team win battles.

As long as they can find a way to keep bringing in new content for the community, this game will do well cause it's fanbase is pretty large. It's fun to be in clans for this game.

Chubear3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

1) You feel FAR from "insignificant" in a battle. Every gate you repair, every solider you heal to get back into the battle gives you that sense of significance. ONE solider can turn the tide of battle every quickly and give their team the edge and this isn't by ramboing on a 10 kill streak, you have to be smarter than that.

2) If no one had problems with the graphical looks of Resistance1&2 online, halo3 online or L4D1&2 then you should have no issues with this as well seeing as it's arguably better graphically than these games (or on par) and apart from R1&2, these games barely push 9v9 with lag talk less of 128v128 with little to no lag.

3) Who cares, just go enjoy game YOU enjoy and let the bitter hater nerds have a ball hating on their keyboards on gaming forums.

pimpmaster3222d ago

the way i responded was a bit distastefull, but alot of the points i didnt like were said in responces after mine.

alright did i just play the wrong mode or something? i just chose the one that was 128v128 and played that. it was basically going and capturing 8 locations and just keeping them till we won. i didnt use any vehicles and it was all on foot it was basically just spawn and run for 20 seconds then get to the place and it was an all out shootfest which wouldnt end in me dying along with like 15 other teammates lol and repeat. it was cool to see everyone spawn together since there was so many people.

maybe i didnt give it a fair try but i just dont feel like redownloading it after having to wait like 2 hours at the title screen downloading 2 gigs of data withought being able to do anything.

Rumor3222d ago

yes! and also, will our saved ranks, loadouts, etc. be the same??

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johnmark19823222d ago

i get to download it tomorrow but can't play it for another couple weeks, and the beta is only 6 days long wont get to a very high level hope i can get all my sniper gear again loved that sensor jammer. everyone should download this game its truly an awesome and unique game you die if you try to go it alone it gets you nowhere and no points

raztad3222d ago

You can play it and then get the full game just a few days later.

neogeo3222d ago

And agree. Mag is the worst shooter I have played in yrs. And disagree has not played it. I dare anyone to tell me how this game is good.

ColossiSlayer3222d ago

Domination better be open 24/7, can I take my Sniper settings being reset all over again? My VALOR is so worth it though, what to do . . . what to do... After three or four stat resets I dont know...

xplosneer3222d ago

I stopped playing because of all the resets. I'm just going to wait until the game comes out so I can actually keep my rank.

JonnyBigBoss3222d ago

I hope they fixed a few things. This game has massive potential (NO PUN INTENDED!).

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