No Dpad: Xmas Planet Review

No Dpad writes: "It's all about reactions. How quick you can swipe, how fast you can tap, it's all on you. You must swipe and find the color of the house before Santa falls behind his schedule and tap the color to drop off the present. Failure to speed up and produce will result in an inevitable game over, and your reactions must be in quite a shape to keep your record going.

Volcano Planet is a game I quite enjoyed, and now it's back in a more enjoyable version along with the integration of AGON Online. While it isn't as frantic or hectic as Volcano Planet, this interesting twist should have fans running to buy this one. Xmas Planet, as described above, is a casual game that should appeal to both hardcore and casual, and with the integration of AGON achievements and leaderboards, the good just got better."

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