Christian Group Seeks to Ban Modern Warfare 2

Maine's Christian Civic League is calling for a ban on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "The public has been dangerously desensitized to violence," the group writes. "Many find a thrill in participating in violent video games." They continue to say the game goes too far, "even in our own desensitized age." Of course, the notorious "No Russian" level is most offensive, according to the group.

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Tony P3315d ago

"Coincidentally, the same group accused a bookstore owner of being a witch and casting a spell on the administrator of the League. I think this might cancel out any argument they have. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot..."

Why don't you test her by seeing if she floats or sinks? /s

Damn I'm glad science overrules mystic traditions these days.

mrv3213315d ago

I'm frankly glad this narrowminded people aren't granted such a open stage to preach.

Their views on anti-abortion and homosexuality can be rather stupid at times.

Let a person be him or herself... just leave things ALONE.

MICROTRON3315d ago

mw2 is to good for them

probably got sniped to many times on live


BenCrazy4243315d ago

I think they're a little late since its been out for a month.

Mr_Bun3315d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

If video games desensitize, then what do you call walking into a church with life size statues of a man with spikes in his head/wrists/ankles and a spear in his side after being beaten and tortured?

Aren't christians the ones parading around with that as the symbol which is supposed to represent their entire religion?

At least with games like Modern Warfare, you are supposed to be 18 to play....I was 5 when I took my first step in a church and saw that bloody mess.

Sibs3314d ago

Oh man, they think they are free to limit OUR rights, but as soon as we try to limit them, they cry first amendment. It doesn't work both ways.

LiL T3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Religon = waste of time
Religon = false promises
Religon = we ask you for money while we tell you bullsh1t stories about a mexican carpenter that did magic tricks and told stories named jesus ( hey zeus)

edit- LOL @ disagrees, I bet you have no facts to prove what I said is any more or less true than your whack a$$ testiments or bible or whatever that best selling novel was.

DarkTower8053314d ago

Lol @ Christians and their never ending crusade to chastise and convert everything/everyone they deem unholy/unethical.

Cheeseknight283314d ago

You're getting disagrees for generalizations. I personally don't believe in organized religion but that doesn't mean I don't have my own Christian beliefs. No offense to you, of course. Feel free to bash Christians all you want - it won't offend me.

xTruthx3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

You talk about people disagree with no facts when you don't even have one fact on your comment. You just made a complete fool of your self, you do know, the big bang theory has as many loop holes as Christianity believes do. I don't know y they say "Christians" because Im one and I respect every 1 for who they are, I don't like when people try to speak for my self and just make a bad image of me and the people who have the same or similar believes. You talk about false promises, do you even know one ?

@Mr Bun
I really disagree with you when you say religion is hilarious, some(not many) teach moral values, something this world is in need of. There are crazy fanatic's out there but they don't speak for their religion, they speak for them self's making a religion look like its bad when its not.

sikbeta3314d ago

I know this guys are mad and all, but better respect the religion of a person, instead of say is [email protected] and blah blah, after all is someone choice

LiL T3314d ago

I was raised in a catholic (just as crazy) family and I have read all thoose novel's. I expected to get disagrees for my comment but I said to see the reaction. I don't really "hate" anything, just have a diffrence of opinion. I don't get offended by internet comment's. I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong though.

ZombieNinjaPanda3314d ago

Lil T, you got it all wrong.

He's a Zombie Jew that's his own father that respawned after 3 days then trolled all the people.

DaTruth3314d ago

Same people who elect Bush, support his wars and support Israels violence against Palestinians!

In the Bible, hypocrites are the worst people named, behind Publicans(politicians)!

IdleLeeSiuLung3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

is the fact that they always push their beliefs on you!

Don't condem me for my beliefs that differs from yours and no, I don't believe I will go to hell for not listening to you. Throughout history, in the name of religion far more people have been killed than from video games! Maybe we should BAN religion!!!

lsujester3314d ago

I want to get a group together to seek to ban the sale of Christian-oriented games, like Left Behind, Bible adventure games, Noah's Ark, etc. These games are detrimental to youth, brainwashing them into a religion which discriminates against lifestyles that don't confirm to its strict policies.

LiL T3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Really, I am pretty sure that anybody with common sense knew what my comment was intended for, so I guess you are lacking in that department. Then you go on to call me a fool without even bringing facts for your argument. I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong!! Jesus is just like Santa Clause, its fun to believe in when your young then you get older and introduce yourself to science and the real world. Offended yet.. good my job here is done. Now im done typing cause I just got back from a one and a half hour motorcycle ride in the -15ºC weather and my hands are freezing.

LiL T3314d ago

Ok one more time because I forgot to answer you question.
"hate"You talk about false promises, do you even know one ?"
Which religion would you like me to start with the one that promises 40 virgins or the one that has promise of getting in to a make believe place called heaven.
Look like a fool much.....

Mr_Bun3314d ago

So you agree with the rest of my statement then? As a Christian, your only qualm is with my title?

Thank you for proving my point!!!

SaiyanFury3314d ago

Modern Christians like myself defend peoples' freedom of expression. Yes, the Modern Warfare 2 level might offend a lot of people, as well it should. It's pretty disturbing. I, unlike the portrayal of religious people here, will never push my beliefs on people. That is why people here in the US can practise their freedoms and beliefs without fear of censorship while conforming to the federal laws. The Russian level shows how terrorists can attack innocent people, and the level gives you, the player, the option to go along with it. Along with that level, it gives the player multiple outs to avoid the level without penalising you, the player, in the end. The level is disturbing but shows the reality of the world we live in. It's a scary thing. It's not politically correct, but terrorists portray just that; terror. Some religious people do seek to tone down the violence and desensitized nature of modern pop culture. They only seek to shield their children from the horrors of the world and seek to instill wholesome values to them. That's not a good reason to attack them and call them rednecks. For the ones that seek to indoctrinate others, those people are wrong. Believe what you want, that is the nature of a free country. I am a Christian, and I am a conservative, not a Republican. I believe in individual rights and freedoms of beliefs. If people agree with me, fine. If some don't, then fine as well. Please tell me how you agree or disagree, I'm open to all arguments.

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mrv3213315d ago

The public has been dangerously desensitized to violence

Ah the irony... let's check now

VIRTUAL VIOLENCE vs Christian violence.

Someones is forgetting about the Crusades... last I check the murder of 1,000's of civilliands was commited under the name of god is a damn sight more violent than a series of 1 and 0's. While Christians aren't the only ones to blame for the crusades I do believe they took part.

Then the HIV and Aids epidemic fueled by Christian views on condoms

Also Northern Ireland
The problems in Affrica
Christian liberal views to Nazi's allowed the Nazi conquest of Europe and the slaughter of millions of Jews
Forcing religon on cultures both foreign and domestic
Countless thousands of Christian terrorist groups
The rape of school kids commited by priests
Countless other acts against humanity.

Oh wait I'm using facts. Want another fact

The largest school mass murder in America was commited by a ADULT BEFORE Video games where invented.

Video games causing violence is ridiculous, any scienctist will tell you that what they will they video games can worsen violence for example someone who is naturally violent may be persuaded by video games... most of the time he or she would have done this anyway.

bigboss9113315d ago

someone didnt study history very well.

mrv3213315d ago

I am willing to research more so long as you provide me with my mistakes.

There's no point saying that I am wrong without telling me why.

Also Northern Ireland(TICK)
The problems in Affrica(TO AN EXTENT, TICK)
Christian liberal views to Nazi's allowed the Nazi conquest of Europe(TICK) and the slaughter of millions of Jews(TICK)
Forcing religon on cultures both foreign and domestic(TICK)
Countless thousands of Christian terrorist groups(Ok maybe not quite 1,000 but tick)
The rape of school kids commited by priests(TICK)

So please feel free to correct me.
Countless other acts against humanity.

Parapraxis3315d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

bigboss911, you provide nothing to the contrary.
You say mrv321 didn't study history, but it would seem he has. Care to clear up some of these alleged errors?

You can add Uganda to the list. The Family (xtian organization) has helped develop a bill that will allow homosexuals not only to be jailed, but possibly killed. Family members or members of the community who do not report gays would also be jailed. Children can be acuused and sentenced as well, and there only needs to be an allegation. This bill is being passed right now.
Gay bill:

Catholics spreading false information about condom use in Africa. Claiming you are actually more likely to get HIV/AIDS if you use them.
Rather than teaching responsible condom use and having only one partner alongside the option of celibacy.
The Pope on Condoms:

The child witch trials in Africa, which spawned due to protestant influence on the culture.
Dispatches: Return to Africa's Witch Children:

I could go on and on, as well as easily confirm every single thing mrv321 listed.

NOTE: BTW, the Dispatches program is rather disturbing in some parts, I would recommend you didn't watch it with children present.

imec3314d ago

mrv321, you need to make some sort of relation between Christian doctrine and violence in order to have an effective argument (and that correlation must not ignore views or traditions that are opposed within the majority of the modern Christian community). Claiming that Christianity causes violence with such a weak correlation (the crusades, WW2, AIDs, etc) is as bad as making a correlation between videogame violence and violent crimes without citing any supporting research.

I am also absolutely amazed at your misunderstanding of National Socialist principle and Christianity. Racialist ideals and nationalism contributed greatly to the party's success. The US had no reason to go to war against Germany when Hitler was first elected (many of the ideas associated with the party at the time were quite popular within the US); citizens in general did not want another war, regardless of religious association. Also, the concept of racial sterilization and eugenics is deeply entwined with evolutionary concepts (which I don't believe the majority of the Christian community would find agreeable); although I would never suggest that atheists in general support eugenics or racialist views.

Your point on "countless christian terrorists" also isn't very convincing. Cite what it is within the Christian doctrine that causes violence (or prove that the violence is considered acceptable within the Christian community in general), or better yet prove that Christians are more likely to join terrorist factions than atheists or other religious/political groups.

Do Christians force their views on others more than other religious or political groups? Surely this is a contradiction on your behalf considering that it was "christian free speech" which caused the Holocaust. Or perhaps the Christian doctrine asserts that racial sterilization is an effective means to progress human evolution so they had no reason to oppose National Socialism?

Does the Christian doctrine justify the rape and molestation of children? Do Catholic priests molest children at a greater frequency in comparison with atheists or other non-christians? (of course this cannot be known, but I doubt one could uphold the golden rule or many other parts of the Christian doctrine and consciously molest children)

Also contraception is somewhat difficult for those who can't even access condoms (depending on who you are referring to). Views on contraception vary greatly within the Christian community (especially in developed nations). I also doubt that the Christian doctrine commends behavior which increases the likelihood of acquiring HIV.

How can you claim that your statements are facts without citing sources or effectively proving that such instances are exclusive to Christianity?

Parapraxis3314d ago

"Racialist ideals and nationalism contributed greatly to the party's success."
As did religious doctrine, Hitler himself said "I transferred much of this organization into my own party"

Pacelli's pact with Hitler legitimized his dictatorship.

"Crimen Sollicitatiois" (The Crime of Solicitation) - on the subject of how to handle child abuse within the church and protect the offendors:

Condoms WERE being handed out by christian groups in Africa until the Pope put a stop to it.

imec3314d ago

I am sorry Parapraxis but the basic premise of National Socialism is definitely non-christian (or at least has Darwinian traits). Of course those who wish to acquire a competitive position within a specific political environment should attempt to gain as much support as possible (even if Hitler was a sincere Christian as he often stated in his writings).

I would also like to point out that the doctrine is ignorable. For instance, a Christian may uphold a specific part of Christianity while ignoring another principle. Do crimes committed while ignoring a certain part of the Christian doctrine make such crimes "Christian crimes?" (this is the primary reason that I want a correlation between doctrine because the doctrine is ignorable)

I have never considered the relationship between Hitler and the Pope as an effective argument against Christianity (see above).

I am not a catholic so I will not argue the validity of the pope in this case.

DaTruth3314d ago

Where are the mods when they should be deleting all these comments as they are off topic!

Please leave your gripes against religion at the door. Just because you are a nerd, were made fun of in school and can't get laid, doesn't mean there is no God!

DaTruth3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Maybe we should write down all the offences of people who don't believe in God! There may be bad Christians, but the overwhelming amount of crime is committed by people who don't believe in God.

There really is no reason to be good except for God, as crime and evil deeds pay off big time.

LiL T3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

"Maybe we should write down all the offences of people who don't believe in God! There may be bad Christians, but the overwhelming amount of crime is committed by people who don't believe in God.
There really is no reason to be good except for God, as crime and evil deeds pay off big time."

hahaha wait, wait HAHAHAAAAA, oh your being serious. I think the worst crime is a hate crime and that seems to be practiced mainly by religious people. Does america not consider religious extremist terrorist, so by the same logic is this specific group not considered terrorist. Wow some of you religious people are truly retarded.
As for your second part of your comment, UMMMMM there are tonnes of reasons for being good and the biggest pay off for me ( I can't speak for everybody that doesn't believe in whoever ) has nothing to do with money. What makes me happy is seeing the smile on a customers face when you hand him the key to his car after doing an engine swap or putting in dual T68 in there. My religion is "I 'll believe it when I see it"

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creeping judas3315d ago

wait till they get a gander at Dante's Inferno!!!!

ChampIDC3315d ago

Can't wait for that one.

Godmars2903315d ago

They've yet to make a peep about it actually.

If they were going to say something, you'd think it would have been day-one.

kaveti66163315d ago

Actually, didn't such a group demand that EA apologize for that game when it was announced?

Parapraxis3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

kaveti6616, that was a viral marketing scheme.
Along with the "Mass We Pray" game., click the pre-order button lol.

Rhythmattic3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


I literally coughed Beer over my all important Beer hand.... Very clever Marketing by Dante's Publishers.

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keysy4203315d ago

there are way worse games out their then mdw2 and secondly there are way worse movies. not really sure why you would have a esrb or try to ban a game. games should just say mature or e for everyone that's it you are either going to play a mature game or you are not bottom line.

games dont make people do crazy things. if not why play the game. meaing you play a game to enter a false reality,if you are going to do any of the things in the game in real life then why are you playing the game in the first place?
id like one person who want to ban a video game to answer that question

cranium3315d ago

Some people have nothing better to do :/