Videogamer: Top 100 Games of the Noughties: 80-71

Videogamer writes: "What a decade it's been for gaming. The Noughties saw the release of no less than six new consoles, the rise of Microsoft as a serious industry player and the re-emergence of Nintendo as the dominant force. Yeah, it's been an incredible ten years of gaming goodness. But what lights have shined the brightest? What video games are destined to join the pantheon of the immortals? Here, in the third part of's mammoth Top 100 Games of the Noughties list, we tell you, counting down from 80 to 71. Like the best rollercoasters, there are peaks and troughs, nerve-shredding twists and turns, and a bit where you're really high up and wish you'd never got on the bloody thing in the first place. But hold on tight, weary video gamer, because by the time this ride ends, you'll know just how good the Noughties have been."

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