G4TV: The First Decade: Ten Influential Games

G4TV writes: "Much can change over the course of ten years. Tastes evolve, trends disappear and emerge, technology advances, ideas blend together, and theoretically, we keep moving forward by making things better. The last decade of game development has seen some remarkable changes, and if you think back to the type of games you were playing at the end of 1999 compared to the ones occupying your disc trays (or hard drives!) now,we've come a long way in such a short time. Distilling a decade of development into ten choices is a difficult task, and there's plenty of room for argument -- we've made our 10 picks, feel free to suggest changes, additions or subtractions in the comments below."

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EvilTwin3316d ago

Good list, IMO. A few years ago, I would've said GTA3 was the most influential game of the decade, and by a pretty wide margin.

But Nintendo switched things up, and lately consoles have become very FPS-centric.

[The unfortunate side effect is that we have a whole lot of "casual" titles that don't live up to the depth in Nintendo's own games (let alone anything to compete with big N's own core titles), and we have a glut of mediocre FPS in between Modern Warfare releases.]

3308d ago