The 50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time

From Dick Butkus to Hootie and the Blowfish to Lake Titicaca, bad names have been with us forever. But thanks to the inevitable collision of reclusive nerds, bizarre artists and painfully unhip marketing execs, the video game industry enjoys some of the worst names of all.

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Covenant4741d ago

"Sticky balls." *Snicker snicker*

Sorry. I had to let my inner 12-year-old out for a while.

Nearly every one of these titles was a flop, so they got what they deserved for having wretched names. I mean, would you even rent--let alone buy--something called "Irritating Stick?"

FA-SHO4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago ) w

sumfood4u4741d ago

Damn I never knew they made crazy ass names before. my top 3 funny as hell ones are. #1. Sticky Balls. #2. Nuts & Milk #3. Wild Woody! All 3 of these games had me Fallen outta my chair! Thoes guys comments were funny as well!

kevin11224741d ago

yea wild woody and stick balls gave me a good laugh.

M_Prime4740d ago

i kinda wanna see IRRITATING STICK gameplay.. but then i don't...

some of the names u can tell no actual person came up with but some CEO that didn't know anything about games..

and i noticed the earlier the game was named (like 1980s) the more generic the name..

PS.. there is no good GUNDAM GAME NAME

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