IncGamers: Mass Effect 2: Hands On Preview

Richard Walker takes the controls of Mass Effect 2 on the PC for an hour and tells us what he thinks. Without spoilers too, so you can all enjoy...

An excerpt? Why not:
"These first two characters you encounter form your initial team, and it's your job to lead them in an escape from Cerberus HQ as their mechs have been hacked, consequently causing them to turn upon you and the station's crew."

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Leord3313d ago

Mech fighting is hardly original.

AndyA3313d ago

"Mech" has got an unnecessary 'c' IMO.

Saaking3313d ago

Has Bioware said how the game is gonna handle loading times. Since they removed the elevators (thank god!), how is it gonna load now?

QuantumWake3313d ago

From this Hands-on Preview of ME2 from IGN, they stated that the elevator rides were replaced with traditional 'flashy' loading screens. But IGN also noted that the load times were occasionally long.


Gameplay9993313d ago

Pshht, I could care less about the load times, Bioware has said that they have been reworked. Even still if there are lengthy spots of load times, if there is anyone losing sleep over load times concerning this game, they are crazy.

NewZealander3313d ago

sacking if you think load times will stop anyone enjoying one of the best games this gen then you are crazy.

the only thing that truly put me off a game this gen was MGS4 with the freaking long install before every mission, great game but c'mon.

Traveler3313d ago

Mass Effect 2 is going to be epic.

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Fyzzu3313d ago

Can't wait. I want it *now*.

3313d ago
Raider693313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

A winner to the bone!But i see some sad faces on N4G,from who could it be?Will the trolls raise once more to bash one of the kings.

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