Gameplay Monthly: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) Review

If sales promotion were any indication, then Final Fantasy XIII would be the God of War. Square has relentlessly been plugging away at pitching the first installment in its Fabula Nova Crystallis series (read: cash-exploiting monolith), bombarding Japanese people with TV ads, online promotions, tie-ins, trailer-sized billboards (one even right outside Shibuya Station's Hachiko Exit) and promotional junkets galore. As if the world didn't already know Final Fantasy 13 was in the future, it sure does now. It does, of course, have huge shoes to fill, as to many of the mainstream gamer, there has never been another fantasy so fantastic as the 7th installment: no one has ever come close to matching the menace of Sephiroth or the clout of Cloud.

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richierich3222d ago

Was this review positive or negative? I dont know but I will still be buying FF13 when it is released in March

djaparatic3222d ago

dunno why this guy said that design is crappy... I like the outfit and character looks in the game, and it is stupid to make connection on which character reminds. They are all unique on their own way.
the other thing that makes this article stupid is character personalities... i think the party is cool and bonded. I watched the trailers and they all have superb story and characteristics why they are fighting and why they are together. Lots of strong bonds are beetween them and it is totaly stupid to say that ff13 have worse set of characters then ff12. common VANN and penelo, all those characters didnt have personalities. only one who was worth looking was balthier ... all in all its obvious this guy didnt like the characters looks and everything else conected to them. Its individual feeling so Ill judge it by myself when game hits europe.

Pyrrhus3222d ago

I thought it was an informative and clear review.
It seems my only problem now is Snow XP

squallsoft3222d ago

wow, there was ALOT of negatives for an "A" rated game here