Gameplay Monthly: God of War Collection Review

GPM writes: "When Sony removed the ability to play PS2 games on the PS3, many people sobbed over the decision. Nevermind that it helped reduce the price of the damn system, we wanted to play our last-gen games on our next-gen machine, dammit!! Well, this problem doesn't bother me much as I didn't wait around to buy a PS2-less PS3, but even if I did get a non-PS2 playing unit I still wouldn't mind for a couple reasons: 1. I still own a PS2 and 2. It may give Sony more incentive to make more games like the God of War Collection. I mean, what we have here is two of the finest action games ever made on a single blu-ray disc with graphics upgraded to 1080p hi-def, courtesy of Sony Santa Monica and Bluepoint Games. If for some reason you've never played a GOW game, or even if you've beaten both games multiple times on the PS2, it's time to get (Re) acquainted with the Ghost of Sparta, like you've never seen him before."

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