NowGamer: Lord Of The Rings Online: Siege Of Mirkwood Review

NowGamer writes: "The Old forest outside Bree-Town is an area we still have fond memories of exploring as a teen-level Hobbit in the pre-Moria days of LOTRO. It's a foreboding place, dangerous for low-level players, but one that encapsulates the kind of creepy ambience you'd expect from a well-delivered ghost story. Mirkwood has a few things in common with this gloomy woodland: it's a forest (duh) and it's also been tainted by the evil of the Dark Lord Sauron. But if you were expecting a similarly tentative experience – tiptoeing around corrupted oaks and tangling with other creatures that are native to the Bree woodland but twisted by dark magics – you're in for a surprise."

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