EA In-Game Advertising Abuse: Madden Arcade Ad Flashes Before Every Madden 10 Snap

Ripten: "I went to play some more of my Madden 2010 franchise this morning after not having played it since prior to writing the review up a few weeks ago. The PS3 flashes a notice that the game requires a 182 mb update, so I hit accept and start to watch the bar fill up. About a third of the way through, I grabbed my laptop to browse the web for some info on the update contents.

While reading up I saw a forum thread about the update listing gameplay related fixes (which sounded good), but it also featured a few comments stating that it added more in-game ads (which sounded bad). Unfortunately, before I could stop the download to read up some more, it had already completed. I pressed start thinking to myself … "how bad could it be?"

How bad could it be? How bad? It's pull the hair from your head bad. It's toss the game out your window bad. It's "I'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear" bad. "

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Nostradavis3590d ago

This is a perfect example of the bad of in-game advertising. EA should be ashamed of themselves for this stunt.

kparks3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

LOL what else could or would u expect from this company... yea it sucks and think about the dumb as$ thats sitting at EA thinking of these DI*K moves who the hell comes up with these ideas and actually thinks its a good idea!!.... {HEY BOSS HOW ABOUT IN MADDEN WE HAVE A HUGE BANNER POP UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN EVERY TEN SECONDS OR SO AND ADVERTISE A ARCADE GAME} !! LMAO

jmorph93590d ago

No way I buy the 2011. Isn't there another football game coming out next year?

NamelessTed3590d ago

EA makes it hard to like them. They do great stuff with Electronic Arts Partners, but then they do stuff like this. It is a shame that they can get away with trash like this.

I understand that it costs money to support online play but what good does it do to constantly tell a person to play Madden Arcade? You obviously already payed $60 for Madden 10. EA should just let the customer play the game in peace.

Nostradavis3590d ago

putting ads in the online version of the game is one thing, but there is no good reason to intrude on someones gameplay offline. especially when they are doing it in the manner they are. its repetitive and uncalled for.

Excalibur3590d ago

Need to boycott the game.
Our lack of $$$ will send the message.

Nostradavis3590d ago

unfortunately they are doing this long after the game has sold millions, therefore most of the reviewers couldn't/didn't include this in their assessment of the game.

3590d ago
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