Game-Pad: Darkfall Video Quick Look Impressions Series

Developed by Indie company Aventurine, Darkfall is a fantasy MMORPG like no other. Forget the rules and gaming concepts you know from huge titles such as World of Warcraft, and say hello to unrestricted PvP, full looting, a dynamic game world and a skill dependant combat system free from the usual levelling systems. We'll be exploring whether Darkfall does enough to set itself apart from what has now become an extremely crowded and competitive genre. Follow our adventures.

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LiquifiedArt3225d ago

I'm currently playing UOGamers: Hybrid, WOOT! This game looks ok, but it looks so unpolished, its hard to justify the monthly payment. UOGamers:Hybrid is awesome cause its a free shard (for those that do not know), which means I don't feel the NEED to play 100s of hours a month to get my monies worth.