Kings Bounty: Armored Princess Review by GameShard

GameShard reviews Kings Bounty: Armored Princess, concluding:

"Perhaps the biggest issue is that Katarui are pitching Armored Princess as a standalone, full retail package for £30. If you've not played The Legend, you're probably as well to pick that up over Armored Princess- it's a third of the price now, and offers just as much enjoyment. If however you've had your fill of The Legend and crave more, Armored Princess will do the job, but you can't help but feel a little short-changed, because there simply isn't enough difference between this and its predecessor. Both are excellent, enjoyable games that will prove adequate time-sinks for anyone who wants to give them a go, but Katauri have stuck a little too closely to the same formula and recycled a little too much for Armored Princess to feel like good value for money."

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