The 10 Most Disappointing PC Games of 2009

Unigamesity writes: "They were hyped, they were highly anticipated, they were meant to be GREAT. But they simply disappointed the fans and therefore were thrown in the bucket of shame. Ladies an gentleman, read on to find out the titles of the 10 most disappointing computer games of 2009!"

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MasFlowKiller3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Anyone that tell you MW2 wasn't must have been a starving gamer all f$cking year long, cuase this sh!t is highly overrated.

the story dosent even try to make sense and the way the explain some of the event are just ridicules, and i know, i know not many people play COD for a compelling story but for its multilayer but that no excuse i love the campaign in COD4 so much this one is by far the worst COD campaign.

Online is good am not going to lie but its not the best, some people make it seem like its the second coming but online is still seriously unbalance i hear of all these updates on the ps3, how about fixing some of the 360 issues IW or are u just going to ignore people sniping with shotguns in wasteland? sh!t every gun is over power, this game is very unbalance.

I told myself i was going to play this the entire holidays but i got to level 62 an quit, ended up playing Left 4 Dead 2, thought i wasnt going to buy it but MW2 isnt anywere as good as people make it out to be.

I try playing it recently and i keep getting it to this mod games, its f$cking annoying, wanting to play free for all and endup in a game with like 32 people using grenade launcher. Lost my faith in IW. This is Gear of war 2 all over again.

AlternativeChaos3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I do Agree with the fact the story for this games is by far the worst in the series.


how they basically explain the use getting invaded is by far the single biggest disappointment of 2009, basically one guy tells the another "i see alot of action in my screen", "its ok buddy just restart the sh!t" and bang the US is invaded.

But that is just one of countless idiotic story issues i have with this game.

The game start by telling you "Ok remember the people you were shooting in the first", "yes ", "now ur working with them", ok?"

yes, lol

i believe the actual line they used to explain it was "your enemy's of the past are your friends of the future",

lol, "go on", "not that its kid, that the best one liner i can give you to explain to you that the enemy of the past game are now working with us"

wtf right,

Were they unpay and the US was willing to pay them more?

give me more then just one f$cking line,
with one line am suppose to buy that now we are working with old terrorist.

ohh and speaking about terrorist, the Airport scene does nothing for the game or the game industry but give a$$ holes like the one's in Fox News an excuse to look down at our industry some more.

Its funny u mention getting snipped by a shotgun cause its not just in wasteland but in every map, the shotgun kills the entire game and once u unlock shotguns in both hands its double game over.

creatchee3226d ago

I think that you misinterpreted the article - the first sentence in the MW2 description states that it's not because MW2 is bad game, but rather because of the debacle(s) with the PC version of the game.

But I disagree with you - MW2 isn't disappointing from a game standpoint. Picking on it because of the story really doesn't take away from how it plays. I mean, how many other farfetched stories have we played over the years? Italian plumbers eating mushrooms and jumping on turtles... An adorable burlap sack with a magic lasso that builds fun and exciting things... A seemingly invincible futuristic soldier who stop planteary destruction whose face we never see but whose eyes we see through... The list goes on...

AlternativeChaos3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

so why create a story mode?
yes some games are made for brainless fun, but i guess ill wait until Mario goes undercover for the CIA and kills a bunch of innocent civilian in an attempt to make the story more compelling(which it failed at) to complain about its story.

I know MasFlow just got into a rant but to be honest this game is bellow industry standards that why its a disappointment

mrv3213226d ago

I know the US invasion is pretty wacky in-fact I listen several large flaws.

Firstly if you watch the loading screen I believe you see them invading from both sides the east and west coast. If they are invading the east coat HOW THE HELL did Russia get past 28 EU countries countles US watch points, US satelites, US airforce, US Navy in a time when America was EXPECTING retaliation! Then when the radar comes up they blame it on something else...

Secondly didn't anyone notice Russia building the largest invasion force in the entire world? The Normandy landing used 1/4 of a million men, 1,000's of tanks against an enemy with few tanks and ocupied on a second front. To invade America one would be millions of troops 100,000 tanks, 100,000 planes... actually scratch that. You'd need 5,000,000 men as a rule of thumb. 50,000 heavy tanks and countless aircraft. According to the 5 times rule.

Wouldn't the civillians fight, we all know about the deap seeded hatred towards communist and the high number of guns America has so the invasion would have to be EVEN larger.

How in gods sweet earth do you fly in 50,000 heavy tanks? All we see in MW2 is airbourne... where's the tanks? America has tons russia would need tons how does Russia get them in passed the Navy? Fly them in but how?

Why is America aqll surprised they just shot up a Russia airport... they should be on full alert code red.

Is it just me or is Russia's plans a bit basic? Their entire battleplan consists of last on the two coast by airbourne. Forgive me for sounding stupid but you cannot drop that amount of supplies in to substain an army of the size needed, Russia knows that SINCE they have used it in the past... check Stalingrad pinzer movement. If I was Russia I'd secure Alaska, during summer. Move down to californio during winter. Secure food routes and move east. One large force... rather than two weaker ones which COULD NEVER MEET BACK UP.

Where are the American and British subs? Which can devestate quite a large invading Army.

Where is Britain? Why didn't they tell America.

How come America held the least defendable parts? The point of an Attack is to secure them, the point of defense is to hold the high ground... how come they failed but had enough left to re-attack?

Where's the artillery?

Barely any AA... why?

Why are you ALLWAYS Attacking, this is your homeland copy the Russians and retreat... starve the enemy as they advance.

So many plotholes.

Lich1203226d ago

Ill be honest, I didn't mind the story as much until I read mrv's post. The action elements and flow of the game are handled so well that I think I forgot to really look at the underlying story. With mrv's analysis now I really can't. So in a way, thanks mrv, and also... I hate you lol.

mrv3213226d ago

Yeah... I have that effect on people.

I once did it to myself... so your not alone.

I'll tell you how I did it. Watching a film(blues brothers I think) twice in a row I noticed something... they hint at the end over and over... it's stupid now I can't help but see these. I have spoiled films for myself even before seeing the ending.

Hopefully I haven't ruined EVERY movie for you. :P

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Lord_Ranos3226d ago

Atleast Modern Warfare 2 won an award. lol

ReBurn3226d ago

I didn't know that anyone expected Ghostbusters to be the second coming. I'd be willing to wager that it was better than most people expected it to be, all things considered.

evrfighter3226d ago

Ghostbuster's wouldn't have failed if they added coop. Simple as that. I was very disappointed

farsided3226d ago

when I told them to pass on MW2 because it was gonna be a huge disappointment. But noooooo... I single handedly witnessed every single bug (outside of the javelin glitch) within a week of them getting it. The only reason why it took me more than five hours to beat the campaign was because I was playing on hardcore (and I'd get unpatient with respawning enemies and rush out only to die)

Good god, why did IW think it was a remotely good idea to put dual wielding in their game? So you lose the ability to melee (who cares you've got shottys!) to throw grenades (oh wow, one grenade! and you can't even pick more up off the ground!) and to scope in (who cares you've got shottys!)

...and I really did find the airport scenario to be utterly pointless, they could have come up with a much better way to spark a war between the US and Russia (if that's what they really wanted to do) that wasn't totally lame and didn't manage to give FOX more fodder to convince all the private schools of america that gamers are satanists.

Unrelated to CoD, I'm glad I waited until the reviews hit for Borderlands, because they ragged on it pretty heavy, and convinced me to save my money for all the games coming out next year.

bozebo3226d ago

fail post. stop posting articles on your advert filled rubbish site. you missed operation flashpoint 2: which, behind mw2 was the most dissapointing. If anybody thought any of those games were going to be good before they came out then they obviously paid too much attention to the marketing bs.

mw2 is ok... but its basically just an improved version of mw1. the dedicated server issue is an overwhelming fail though - though it doesn't affect me too much because my net connection is good enough for it to almost always make me the host - in which case I have a better connection than on mw1 lol. but that is just stupid and unfair for everyone else :(

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