Telegraph: Tony Hawk: Ride Review

Telegraph writes: "The success of video games boasting plastic peripherals isn't based solely on living out a fantasy that will never happen. Yes, strumming a plastic guitar in front of the TV while an audience of virtual fans screams in adulation is as close as many of us will come to being a rock god, but there's another reason peripheral-based games appeal to a wide audience. It's also got a lot to do with the fact that these games continually engage players by being consistently challenging. Players advance through the game by being able to pull off tougher control combinations (be it fretwork, steering or turntable scratches) that are demanded by whatever difficulty level they've set. Their success or failure depends partly on their own skill level, to be sure. However, a lot of it is also down to the construction of the game's peripherals and especially, how responsive they are to the demands of the action on the screen. Which brings us neatly to the latest game to arrive with a plastic peripheral, Tony Hawk: Ride."

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