Why Fantasy MMOs Have An Edge Over Sci-Fi

Does the Sci-Fi genre mix well with the MMORPG? The first MMOs were fantasy, based on the old Dungeon and Dragons role-playing games. The rules and terminology in MMOs, even recent ones like AoC and Warhammer, still hark back to the pen and paper era. Sci-Fi MMOs have to take that basic formula and change it to fit their universes. It's relatively easy to do, replace mana with energy cells etc. but is it fun to play once the mixture has been tampered with? I had a look through the brief history of Sci-Fi MMOs to see how they fared.

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Leord3224d ago

It will be interesting if Blizzard ever makes a Sci-fi MMO...

Malfurion3224d ago

That's a very good point. And it's hinted that their next game will be Sci-Fi.

Maticus3224d ago

True, if anyone can make an MMO work, it's Blizzard. Well, we assume... can they beat their own game?

shawnsl653224d ago

Starcraft MMO with 3~4 races. Lets rock and roll Blizzard!

Maticus3224d ago

You can count on one hand the number of MMOs that are deemed to be doing 'well'. Only one of those is Sci-Fi, it says a lot I think.

thetamer3224d ago

Sci Fi is just as boring as fantasy. There's too much of something that we don't understand and it means you can't really understand your world. I think an animal MMO, where you live the circle of life and progress through the food chains would be a better foundation for an MMO. You start life as an ant or a spider, and then make your way all the way up to like a grizzly bear or a tiger, or a ligra - you know, that thing from Napoleon Dynamite. I'd be a ligra.

Leord3224d ago

Smoking much weed lately?

bjornbear3224d ago

that was a hell of a hit you took man 8P

Dorjan3224d ago

I agree and disagree with some of that, I loved hellgate! (although didn't want to pay monthly!)

JeepGamer3224d ago

...Because all the sci fi mmos have been terrible.

Enigma_20993224d ago

... were they all made by the SyFy Channel?

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