Final Fantasy XIII first-week sales in Japan revealed

Famitsu/Enterbrain has revealed the first-week sales data for Final Fantasy XIII as well as PS3 hardware sales during the same week.


Media Create numbers now added.

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GameGambits3317d ago

You mean to tell me VGchartz numbers were wrong...AGAIN?!


Idk why VGchartz even bothers to do their sales #'s when they are always wrong.

As for the games sales/consoles sales---great news. My copy is only 2 hours away from being delivered woop woop! :D

morganfell3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

I'll wait for the Mediacreate numbers. Famitsu is a hit or miss estimation. By their estimation roughly 45,000 standard PS3s were sold the week the game launched. That just seems too low unless the 245,000 does not include the 200,000 lightning bundles, all of which flew off the shelves.

Cyrus3653317d ago

morgan, i though there was only 100 K Limited edition 250 FFXIII PS3 (lighting PS3's), not 200 K.

sikbeta3317d ago

Only 4 days

Better wait for Mediacreate, sure the numbers are bigger than this

thereapersson3317d ago

Doesn't this classify it as outselling FFXII?

Cold 20003317d ago

Great to see that the fanboy hate didnt stop FF13 from triumphing in Japan.

Hope its the same for USA/EU. Nah I dont even hope, I know it well sell millions overhere too.

Haters always lose.

zeeshan3317d ago

Great numbers there!! Lets wait for Media Create numbers now but Famitsu delivers much better and unbiased estimates compared to VGCharts.

I have a thing to ask to all people who own both PS3 and 360. Which platform will you prefer to play FFXIII? 360 or PS3? To me it is easily PS3. What about the rest? What's it gona be?

mint royale3317d ago

Why the hate for VgChartz? They haven't even released their numbers yet!

Rampant3317d ago

I will prefer to play it on 360, since I don't have a ps3 =). It will feel a bit strange though having played every FF since VII on my ps2.

thereapersson3317d ago

Sounds like you HAVE to play it on your 360, seeing as you don't have a PS3. I would imagine should you PREFER, you would play it on the PS3, because you would like to continue the tradition that you have built enjoying Final Fantasy on PlayStation consoles.

Just how I interpreted that, anyway...

gaffyh3317d ago

@mint - VGC revealed their numbers, they said 1.35 million sold, 1.25mil copies, and 100k PS3 bundles. Also they said the PS3, Wii and DS all got boosts up to the 200k unit mark.

@zeeshan - PS3 most likely for me, though depends on if there is any stock left as I can't be bothered preordering it. If there isn't any, I'll just get it on 360.


FFX first week report (4 days) sales = 1.8m shipped, 1.4 to 1.5m sold to consumer
PS2 install base in Japan at that moment = 4.8m

FFXIII first week (4 days) sales = 1.5m (shipped or sold?)
PS3 current install base in Japan = 4m

Maybe we should wait for Mediacreate... but where was that article comparing FFXIII first day with X and XII first week? I would say it's in a good track right now, regardless of X or XII.

We already know the bundles were sold out day one, are those included?

gaffyh3317d ago

@above - 1.8 million shipped for FF13, 1.5 million sold.

But I agree, we should wait for Media Create, it is always more accurate.

mint royale3317d ago


VgChartz did NOT reveal their numbers. They gave a preview based on early estimations. They release their Japan numbers usually on thursday.

DaTruth3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Wait; 1.8 million was shipped! So this is 1.5 million sold through to the consumer? Bu, bu, but, is impossible to track teh sales to consumer!

mint royale3317d ago

@da truth

HAHA! Famistu track sales to consumer. Just like other companies that specialise in tracking sales for regions - NPD, GFK, Media Create etc.

You really seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

Skip_Bayless3317d ago

I hate people who don't like vgchartz. What makes other sources better than others? As long as it's not like where they just use algorythms and formulas then the site is good source in my book. When the generation is over the sales estimates won't matter because if you're wrong by 1 or 2 million it doesn't matter that much. Who's really going to argue whether there 140 million PS2s or 120 million PS2s right now because PS2 won by a huge margin. If PS3 beats 360 with 70 million systems to 360's 60 million I don't care if they are off as long as PS3 wins.

gaffyh3317d ago

@mint - Those ARE VGC numbers, then after that they use Famitsu or Media Create numbers. So the first "preview" numbers are VGC guesstimates.

Simon_Brezhnev3317d ago

im not even sure if ima get this game since i watch anime a lot. i want Japanese voices with English subs. i absolutely hate the English voice cast.

kalebgray923317d ago

even if others ps3 exclusives deserved sales more.... cant wait to play this in march

Willio3316d ago

One of the reasons why people hate VGchartz was because they never release their source of information. Case and point, this article. Examiner provided their source of info whilst Vgchartz (clink on the alternate link) plagiarised the information.

pixelsword3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

1,516,532 were sold, and 245,406 hardware pieces were sold, possibly bundles. Assuming that 100% of the 245,406 were bundles (not likely, but plausible), that means the total is 1,761,938, or about 98% of their stock were sold. If not, still 1.5 out of the 1.8 were sold of the game; which is about 84%.

PS3 gamers don't buy games...


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hay3317d ago

There are some massive numbers at work here. 17th to 20th is just 4 days, hardly a week.
Console numbers are also strong.

B-Rein3316d ago

daaaaaaaaaaaaa cant wait for this game, 76 more days to go, sooo long

Optical_Matrix3317d ago

Gosh will they give the game breathing space. This article shouldn't be here. We should look at numbers on December 24th. When the game has been out a full week. only then can we tell how much it sold in A WEEK (7 days people) and how it has truly effected PS3 sales.

frictionini3317d ago

these companies track weekly charts on a scheduled basis not on when the game releases +7 days.

thereapersson3317d ago

However, the norm for any major FF release in Japan is to judge sales in the first day, and then in the first week. These are massive numbers for a Final Fantasy game, no way around it.

MajestieBeast3317d ago

I didnt know a week was 4 days i feel so stupid...

UltimateIdiot9113317d ago

What really happens is that the amount of days in a week depending how fanboys want to spin it.