WorthPlaying: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Every once in a while, the people in charge of a hot property will decide to go somewhere new with it and see what it can do. Whether it's the 18 trillion variations on Tetris or just seeing what can happen when Mario runs back and forth instead of side to side, there's always somebody who wants to take a beloved old title and see how Popular Thing v2.0 runs when it's put through its paces. Well, the people at Nintendo are always looking for something new to do with their scorching hot Pokémon franchise, which has given rise to everything from the "It's about time" Pokémon Colosseum series to the "Why, Nintendo, why?" Pokémon Snap game. Some time ago, they decided to create Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, a game that puts you in the shoes, flippers, paws, etc., of a Pokémon and sends you adventuring with others on a series of grand quests."

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