Pachter: May NPD To See Wii Triumphant

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has released his preview of the May 2007 U.S. hardware/game sales charts, to be released by NPD late on Thursday, June 14, forecasting overall game sales of $333 million, up 16% compared to last year's $286 million.

According to Pachter, his estimate "...reflects $228 million in sales contribution from new platforms (PS3, Wii, 360, PSP and DS) and current generation software sales of $105 million".

In addition, the analyst assumes May U.S. sales to be driven by recent releases including Nintendo's Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Activision's Guitar Hero II and Spider-Man 3, along with new release Activision's Shrek the Third (PS2, 360, Wii, DS, GBA, PC), Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 2 (360), and Nintendo's Mario Party 8 (Wii).

In the particularly keenly-fought area of next-gen game hardware sales, Pachter is estimating sell-through of 400,000 Wii, 225,000 Xbox 360, and 100,000 PS3 hardware systems, predicting that Nintendo's next-gen console will outsell Sony's by as high as factor as 4:1.

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bootsielon4779d ago

It's likely that Nintendo wants its console to keep being sold out, to keep that image of "everyone wants a piece of Wii". That's why it keeps being such an impulse buy if Wii is available. Sometimes I think Sony and Microsoft should team against Nintendo (if not now, for the next round), otherwise the "hardcore" market will be divided for no damned reason, while the casual market will be united. Of course, the ideal would be casual and hardcore united as it was in the PS2 era, but Nintendo chose to fracture the industry.

A good scenario for dedicated gamers would be Sony and Microsoft having a single console. Sony doing the hardware part (in order not to get rings of death and suchlike), while Microsoft somehow finding the way to unify PlayStation Home and Xbox LIVE. They could add waggle too to compete with Nintendo for next-round. They could compete as being somewhat more expensive (but not $600) than Nintendo while offering a lot more. In Asia it could still be sold as playStation, while in America and Europe it could be sold as Xbox. Hardcore gamers rejoice? I don't think it would be a monopoly since Nintendo seems to need stronger competition.

PS360WII4779d ago

do you just copy and paste your posts? Will we have to read your same song and dance for 2 more years or longer? Don't forget that Microsoft tried doing the tag team effort with Wii60 to go against Sony. I don't think MS is dumb enough to try it again but this time against Nintnedo. You could look at the Wii as a necessary evil if you must. One that must be a heavy hitter so both xbox and playstation can look outside the box of loyalists.