Final Fantasy XIII Includes PS3 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Application

The twenty digit code packaged with the first shipment of Final Fantasy XIII gives future Final Fantasy XIV players a secret item when the MMO debuts next year. Before that happens, the campaign code is also a ticket to apply for the PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIV beta.

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Hellsvacancy3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Meh, id rather a FF-Versus demo or even a new gameplay video, i wish SE would stop wastin there time on all these different projcts and put more effort in2 FF-Versus, thats the game FF fans (mostly me) want


presto7173318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

I hope this game will be a major improvement over FFXI. I really didn't like FFXI

meepmoopmeep3318d ago

the demo that came with AC:C had a new in-game clip of Versus

it was a scene with the main guy and girl, entirely in japanese though

Baka-akaB3318d ago

1. The ressources allocated to FFIV were unlikely to go to FF versus . They would have been used for another game , be it ffiv or not .

2. They've only finally showed a gameplay trailer of Versus , they're probably busy pushing the game ahead , and it would actually waste their time and ressource to do a demo , at least before the game was near completion .

3. A lot of ff fans want FFIV .. you know the many of us who played FFXI on ps2 and pc or 360 ... and new fans .
Hell i wouldnt be surprised if given the mmo playerbase easily outnumbering any genre , FFIV was expected or a curiosity for more people than FFIV .

tomsau3318d ago

^ I take it you mean FFXIV
lawl :)

Karsghul3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

SE is big enough fund multiple projects at the same time and they've been doing it for years. FFXIV has been in development longer than Versus or FFXIII and it may make more money than both (FFXIII and FFvXIII) combined if it's successful.

Baka-akaB3318d ago


yeah let's just blame lack of caffeine lol

FerrisRocksFaces3318d ago

"Japanese initial release packages of FINAL FANTASY XIII include a Special Offer Campaign Code for FINAL FANTASY XIV. This code can be used in FINAL FANTSY XIV to obtain an In Game Secret Item.

Currently, there are no details regarding how this code will be used and what type of item the code will provide. Additionally, possible inclusion of this code in North American or European initial release versions of FINAL FANTASY XIII has not been determined at this time."

-Square Enix

This article is a bunch of nonsense.

FamilyGuy3318d ago

FFXIV is likely to pass sales of ALL previous FFs, especially now that playing online is so well integrated into consoles. It'll sell well on the PC and PS3 (the 360 too if it ends up getting released on it)

I can't wait and was reeeeally disappointed about that "2010 winter release" news

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colonel1793318d ago

I guess what you wanted to say is that Square Enix should focus more on the games that announced 5 years ago instead o f announcing more games, and not finishing any of them?

I agree

Baka-akaB3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

so basically the solution would be adding more people to waste time filling them in about the game ?
That sure would have accelerated the developpement !

This isnt again how it works ... plenty games lots a big staff for their needs , but unless there is an actual need and demand for it , you just dont inflate the staff hoping it will accelerate things .

Again those ressources would have gotten to other games , like it or not .

When nomura actually needed and asked for help , Versus received it .
I dont see how announcing a new game o even 50 of them had any impact .

Besides do you guys even know when FFIV's dev started ? By all account before Versus . Mmos dont magically reach the state FFIV seems to be , out of the blue .

They've worked on FFIV for the last 5 years . And probably conceptualizing it between XI and XII ...

tomsau3318d ago

Well, the development for FFIV must've started in 1991 at the latest... considering it came out in 1991

mastiffchild3318d ago

That's not the point though. It doesn't matter when they started development of anything-it still winds people up if they announce more when people waited years already, no?

If they'd only announce what they were doing NEARER release then we'd all be happier, no? Also there'd jhave been less wailing when FF13 went multi if PS3 owners hadn't been promised it exclusively for years and possibly , in many cases, bought a console on the strength of that repeated statement from their fave dev. I think a lot of early announced exclusives have fallen into that trap and in other industries it wouldn't be viewed as a reasonable thing to do-it's false advertising in a way, isn't it? In some countries I'm sure you could take that "only on PS3" as some form of contract, y'Know? So that's where SE have gone wrong, really, imo. Had they not banged on about FF13 being exclusive for so long before going multi-no problems. If they hadn't announced Vs so far before rel;ease was even possible-again no problems and no moaning. The same goes for all the 360 "exclusive" jrpgs too-I think those Japanese 360 owning Tales fans had a right to be pi55ed off with life-not MS, mind, who were only doing business and bringing their gamers games the same as with FF13-and the devs/publishers of those games.

To me we'd be better off if they announced a game maybe a year before planned release and not the five that FF13 had with all the chances for changes and let downs that time span represented-maybe SE would even have avoided some of the grief they got for still not having a game out on the PS3 so far this generation as publisher or developernas this was underlined when FF13 went multi as another example of SE mistreating some of their most loyal PS owning fans and all because they announced way too soon. It's not like we didn't think there'd be another FF now, is it?

I know none of this brings games to market any sooner but it does rile people more when things promised don't materialise and the same when it seems more and more games get announced when the one you want gets, apparently, no nearer. Not a real issue with SE, then, but with their announcing policy(and nowhere nearly just theirs either!)and trhe way it leavesd the door open for unneeded annoyance among the fans of their games-it's just not the best, fairest way to do business. Not fopr me anyway and doing it differently would feel a more respectful way to treat your fans, a way where you end up lying to them way lewsss even if the lie is caused by a business decision it's still a lie or a let down which should be avoided and llet fans feel they aren't being treated like idiots.

Baka-akaB3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

It's not like they ever expected FFXIII to be that late , and they always made a point of never giving real infos and dates for Versus , hell the public hasnt even seen yet the only gameplay trailer display at the jump festa .

Is it their fault FFXIII was late ? obviously .Still the goal remained with FFXIII to not fall into the development hell they fell into with FFXII ... and yet they did for various reasons .

But blaming the release of FFXIV for delays of XIII and versus ? that's just silly . They appointed to each projects its own big team and lots of funds , wich was the right call .

Hell imagine if they hadnt made such plans and only used the same teams for for FFXIII , then FFXiV and only after FFXV .
You are complaining it takes so long ? Just imagine how long it would take your way guys .

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NegativeCreepWA3318d ago

I hope the US version gets the same treatment.

FerrisRocksFaces3318d ago

The campaign ticket is not to apply for the FFXIV Beta. It is to obtain an In-Game item on FFXIV. You can apply for the beta on the FFXIV Website, it's random who is picked. It is also only for Japan at this time.

Fail article is fail.

Bush3318d ago

I was hoping for Ff13 includes VS13 demo or

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