Ubisoft explains why Splinter Cell: Conviction won't have Spies vs. Mercs mode

Patrick Redding of Ubisoft explains why he and his team decided to not include the Spies vs. Mercenaries mode in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction.


Added in message from Community Developer QuidProKuo regarding the same matter.

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villevalorox3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

wow, that sucks a lot. I loved that about SC:DA was one of my fav online games of all time tbh. :( that kinda just kills it for me almost. Although I still want this game a hella lot

Really though.. that was all the fun in Splinter cell, that is where I met most my pals on psn too

Skip_Bayless3320d ago

Hmm im not sure if I should buy this game anymore. I don't buy games without multiplayer because I can complete real soon and then there's replay value.

dirthurts3320d ago

There still is multiplayer. Just new modes now.

peeps3320d ago

yeh it's just the mp modes are co-op based i.e. human players against ai. the only true 'vs' mode appears to be where it's 1v1 both spies trying to take each other out whilst avoiding ai enemies in the level

Skip_Bayless3320d ago

Coop multiplayer isn't the same. Because there's going to be people who beat it many times before you beat the game once, and then if they join your game they will pratically win the level by themselves which spoils the fun. Same reason why I didn't buy L4D2.

Arnon3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Why do I get the feeling you weren't going to buy this game in the first place.

"I don't buy games without multiplayer because I can complete real soon and then there's replay value."


This is asinine. In your case you shouldn't even be buying games. Just rent them instead if all you really care about is the multiplayer. If you honestly cant find anymore to do with the game, then why even own it? That's the problem with about 80% of games these days. If it doesn't have a multiplayer that's actually put together better than the story, then it's not a good game.

Yes, it is most certainly a shame that they removed this (even though it could easily be patched in later), but so what? An online multiplayer mode should not detract from the overall excellent footage and previews we've seen so far.

"Same reason why I didn't buy L4D2."

So you didn't buy L4D2 because...? You realize that in L4D2, there's a co-op and a multiplayer mode, where you actually play as either the Zombies or the Survivors.

Winter47th3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

They basically nerfed my main interest in the game, pass. March's already crowded as it is.

NegativeCreepWA3320d ago

This is a major disappointment, if they don't think the new features would work with multiplayer then leave them out of multiplayer.

Skip_Bayless3320d ago

Yes that's exactly what I do if it has multiplayer i buy if not then i rent.

4Sh0w3320d ago

I loved the spies vs mercs multiplayer, really going to miss it, however this new multiplayer co-op mode looks sweet, might even be more fun.

John Madden you dont have to allow a random player to join in your first playthrough.

DirtyLary3320d ago

Versus is the reason to buy L4D2.

dgroundwater3320d ago

Perhaps I'm alone on this but I found it to be overrated. Being a merc was only half-fun. Co-Op is the way to go!

SilentNegotiator3320d ago

Why not? Design it with restrictions and incentives for both sides, and it could work. Like making the players who are ambushed stay a certain distance from eachother and on a somewhat laid out path, until the opponents strike; Stuff like that.

harshtruth3320d ago

double agent had the worst multiplayer in a game maybe EVER

pimpmaster3320d ago

wow i knew it was too good to be true. they took out the versus mode, this is just a epic fail to be honest. this was THE BEST PART OF THE SERIES!!! double agent online was brilliant i still play that from time to time, this is kind of a deal killer. now for shure ill get it but ill end up selling it in a month or 2 cause of no competitive online other than coop which is the same thing everytime.

ThanatosDMC3320d ago

That sucks. I loved being Mercs. Being a spy just gets you killed fast since they're actually easy to spot if you know where to look not to mention those traps.

Bigpappy3320d ago

Co-op modes are always fun. Spy VS Spy will be great fun, especially will the pesky ai lurking around. Bring it on!

YogiBear3319d ago

"This is asinine. In your case you shouldn't even be buying games. Just rent them instead if all you really care about is the multiplayer."

It's his money. He can decide what he wants to buy with it. And multiplayer in the case of splinter cell adds more replay value than the story ever could. Sad but true.

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KionicWarlord2223320d ago

Well..that sucks .

The face off mode sounds good though .

Servbot3320d ago

I remember spending countless hours playing Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory online. This news is very disappointing.

Braska3320d ago

Two weeks after release "Spies vs Mercs DLC"

peeps3320d ago


seriosuly dissapointed. i hadn't really been keeping up to date with splinter cell news but was obv looking frwd to it. i just presumed this mode would always be there. loved playing it in the old games.

ah well, gotta make do with this 1v1 and the co-op modes instead :(

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