Interstellar Marines: Second "Bullseye" Teaser Released

Some time ago the developers of Interstellar Marines released a first teasertrailer for "Bullseye", the first chapter of the game. The teaser announced a release before christmas. Now they have released a second teasertrailer, showing some ingame-scenes. And again: It's set for christmas.

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kalebgray923221d ago

so not worth it

presto7173221d ago

They're all cool. I have high hopes for this game.

ABizzel13221d ago

Wow a refresher. I forgot about this game. The early trailers looked good, hopefully everything's going well with this title.

GrandDragon3221d ago

So it's not worth it because it took a long time to develop? I guess KZ2 and MGS4 weren't worth it as well right?

From seeing the trailer this looks better than MW2 in terms of graphics.


good points actually....

i completely forgot about this game. i hope whatever extra time they have spent with it they have used to try and set it apart from the rest of the fps games... i mean when it was first shown ya it looked awesome, but right now with everything else that is now out... it's lost a bit of it's charm.

as far as i am concerned 2010 is the year all these games that were shown before the launch of the 350 and ps3 or a least in that first year, either put up - or shut the F- up.

peeps3221d ago

not worth it in the sense that when the game was first announced it looked really good etc etc but it's been so long and so many other games have released since then...

Chubear3221d ago

So I'm amusing no Alan Wake for you then?

LeonSKennedy4Life3221d ago


...I like cardboard hunting games.

Seriously though...I hope this is good. I've been waiting for it forever!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3221d ago

There can be miracles...

...when you believe.

Don't you listen to Mariah?

3221d ago
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