5 Properties That Should Be Made Into MMOs

Bright Hub writes: "I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first found out that Star Wars was going to become an MMORPG. Here was a property just begging for the MMO treatment, filled with established canon, awesome characters to interact with, and a compelling galactic conflict to participate in. Unfortunately the end result of that announcement, Star Wars Galaxies, utterly failed to live up to expectations.

All the news that has been slowly trickling out leading up to the release of Star Trek Online has again raised my anticipation levels to a similar plateau. If Cryptic can deliver on the promise that the license comes with, STO could end up being one of the best MMOs of all time.

Of course, Star Trek and Star Wars are not the only huge properties out there that lend themselves well to an MMO environment. There are several blockbuster video game, television, and movie franchises that, if treated correctly, could be adapted into some killer MMO games."

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placebo433222d ago

Oh, man. How much would a Firefly MMO rule? Seriously.

duplissi3221d ago

*drools at the thought*


Silly Mammo3221d ago

As rule, I have never paid to play a game I already spent money to buy, but I might actually pay to play that MMO.

mrv3213221d ago

Stargate would be sweet also.

Muckbeast3221d ago

I think the Whedonites would ruin their pants if someone made a Firefly MMO.

ikaris3221d ago

People have talked about it forever. It'll most likely never happen even though the universe is perfect for an MMO implementation

BlackTar1873221d ago

or a cast. Best show ever to me im a brown coat. Super Geek= ME
If they made a MMO i would cream my chummys

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kaveti66163222d ago

Your mom

His mom

Her mom

Their mom

Its mom

PotNoodle3222d ago

Torchlight would make a great MMO.. but we already know that is happening.. just the developers estimate it to be out in around 2 years... too long to wait!

tdogchristy903221d ago

I have extremely fond memories of star wars galaxies and Loved it. It's when they started to change things and completetly change the game that they F'd up.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a new mmorpg come out that would replace that void from swg.

peeps3221d ago

i don't see how a halo mmo would be good? I mean in general an mmo is all bout building up ur characters skills, weapons and so on but i mean in halo ur just playing as master chief (or some other guy who might as well be masterchief since they all wear v similar armour).

point is how many races are there even in halo? and say u had a race as being a sparten, i can't really see there being much customisation at all

PotNoodle3221d ago

The halo universe is absolutely massive, its never been shown properly in the games, which is a shame, because it would certainly make me more interested in them.

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