Jessica Alba "Nancy" Porsche Carrera GT

Check out this fabulous example of in game art work. Don't you wish you had talent?

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Hectic_Kris4736d ago

when i first saw custome paint jobs on the net (before i purcahsed FM2) i thought it couldn't be that hard t make stuff but now i have actually used the paintshop thingy thats is absolutely amazing i wouldnt even know were to start making that amazing speechless i am.

warfed4736d ago

what's with all the paint job pics... how is this news? maybe i should start taking pictures of NFS:U on my ps2....

Numark4736d ago

if oyu make anything 1/8 that good. Post it all you want and I will approve it everytime.

InMyOpinion4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

It desn't matter how cool it is, stuff like this belongs on the Forza forums. I was amazed too but this isn't news in any way.

This site hasn't been itself the last couple of weeks. Everything gets approved...

novaIS3504736d ago

I really hope Polyphony doesn't add a similar feature to GT5. These games are racing sims, not a NOPI/SEMA show booth rice burner sim (leave that to the NFS series. Sure there is a whole sub culture of car enthusiasts who do this type of stuff...but it shouldn't be the focal point of a racing simulator. Why don't you guys start posting videos of awesome lap times, or a vicious crash on the first turn on Nurburgring? Something to show the finer features of a game. Eh oh well...the paint work on your Carrera GT is cool, Jessica Alba is a vixen. The End.

dissectionalrr4736d ago

look on youtube, there are tons of fast laps posted there. or, you could just go online and watch the fastest racers in the world race in realtime. quit being a fanboy.

Jamesways4735d ago

Yeah, painting cars is really the main selling point of the game, 'cause the racing and physics suck. Give me a frickin' break.

It's a perk, not the main point. Hands down best racing simulator ever made on a console. If you're going to enjoy upgrading and racing your cars, might as well do it in style and make them your own.

Satanas4736d ago

Questionable as news, but that is some hot-assed car.

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The story is too old to be commented.