The Darkness demo gets held back

Xbox360Fanboy reports:

"We just received a tip that The Darkness demo has hit an unforeseen road block and may not make it to the Marketplace before the game ships later this month. Being a subscriber to The Darkness' MySpace group, Ben Furneaux says that he received a subscribers only bulletin message from Lord Sonatine stating that the demo has been delayed, but will release as soon as possible. Again, we aren't cool enough to be subscribers to The Darkness' official MySpace page, so we didn't get the message to confirm its contents. But you can take Ben's word for it and check out the bulletin message he received, posted after the break. The Darkness can be stopped ... by Microsoft's certification team."

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FCOLitsjustagame4741d ago

Bummer and after the good news of last week. I didnt even know Overlord was going to have a demo and BOOM it was there. The Darkness I was expecting a demo and now I may not get one until after release. Boo.

Rhezin4741d ago

its only a couple weeks away man.