The 10 Best Games to Score Easy Xbox 360 Achievement Points

Embarrassed by the paltry amount of Achievement Points you have? These games will help you double your Gamerscore in a mere weekend or two.

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Diselage4238d ago

Looks like I'll need to go out an rent TMNT this weekend.

Dr Pepper4238d ago

I don't think Condemned is that easy (to get the full amount of points). However, King Kong definitely is.

Brian3604238d ago

King Kong has to be the easiest 1000 achievement point to get

Diselage4237d ago

I was surprised that KK wasn't the easiest out there. I have to admit i kinda exploited this fact when that whole old spice contest was going on. I rented this game right after i signed up and beat the game in a little less than 7 hours. Decent game and 1000 gamerscore later I was happy and returned the game early.