Aliens Vs Predator Special Editions Revealed

AusGamers has a list of pricing and Special Edition contents for Rebellion and Sega's forthcoming shooter, Aliens Vs Predator.

In Australia specifically, there will be two editions as well as the standard release, with the best of the three (Hunter Edition) coming with, among other things, a replica Face-hugger.

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sorceror1713316d ago

My kids love it. Of course, they sometimes pretend they have pet headcrabs... :->

Guido3316d ago

Than to hear my kid pretend they have a head crab attached to their skull. Instead I have kids who pretend to be Jedi and Barbie. Oh how I wish they were old enough to play Half Life.

3316d ago
Nihilism3316d ago

I didn't know the ban was reversed until now, that's awesome news, special editions are cool, but this one is a bit pricey for me

devilmaycry20203316d ago

for fans or idiots its a bargain which i am gonna pre-order as soon as they offer it on sale.

fuckitimout3316d ago

im excited about this game. i hope its good and has a lengthy campaign

BigKev453316d ago

Sega doesn't make good games anymore.

iceman28853316d ago

Obviously you didn't play Valkryia Chronicles

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