Burn360 Bayonetta Review: Now that's more like it

At first glance Bayonetta might be easy to write off for some. The gimmicky hot girl action hero, the accompanying nudity, it does stink of cliche. But that's about as far as the cliche goes because after playing through Bayonetta there is really nothing we have ever played that is quite like it. The combination of the sexuality, an engaging story, imaginative design, excellent controls, and diversity of the game in general is a nice change of pace from the cookie cutter "smash hits" that basically rule the roost when it comes to game development.

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Bigpappy3224d ago

This game gets crazy on the gameplay side. You can do so much in a fight that it amazes me. The openness here is in the gameplay. You choose how you want to dispatch your foes. Very good action game. This is just from playing the demo on 360.

Saaking3224d ago

Does anyone know if they were able to get the PS3 version on par with the 360 version? I might end up buying the 360 version if they didn't.

Kevin ButIer3224d ago

I like her, she is like Dante with boobs :P

The way she walks <3 SEGA made a great effort at motion capture department XD

Chris3993224d ago

And no, Saaking, the PS3 NA demo was not improved over the Japanese one. It was exactly the same game aside from the subtitles being removed.

Personally, I won't be getting this on either platform as there are too many games next year more suitable to my taste and worthy of my dollars. But cheers to whoever enjoys this.

Guido3224d ago

But amidst all the other AAA titles coming it just looks "meh". If it turns out to be a real hit, I'll seek it out in the summer from the bargain bins.

SilentNegotiator3224d ago

He's supposed to come tell us why it's better than every other game coming out. Platinum Games isn't going to be happy to see he's not doing his job, not trolling EVERY Bayonetta-based article.

deadreckoning6663224d ago

I had this pre-ordered but Im takin a trip ta Gamestop 2day to cancel it. I LOVED the demo, but theres no reason why I can't wait until it hits the bargain bin. Im buying the Wands instead.

Katana Yamato3223d ago

LOL @ SilentNegotiator: He's probably trolling sum other poor game forum. He's like an annoying Jehovah's Witness...but for Bayonetta. I know he's on the Gametrailers forum spewing his Bayonetta obsession. And he's a regular at the Platinum Games forum where everyone there is a bunch of hacks.

Alvadr3223d ago

I dont get why people are going crazy over this game.. People are already calling it game of the year 2010. WTF!

I played the demo and I couldnt even get 5 mins into it, was so lame. Its just DMC4 with a chick

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GamerPS3603224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

This game sux. I would not spend more than $10.00 on this game. I played demo and first I liked it, but it's just meh after doing more research.

IQUITN4G3224d ago

Gaiden was for me the king.It has a deeper than most fighting system

Bayonetta does away with the normal way of activating combos even though they are still there.The fighting system here is a delight in a way that distances itself from previous games of this type- it's simply a more satisfying game once you understand how to properly play- and you can still button mash if you don't have a brain

Some people may not like the style but as a game it destroys

divideby03224d ago

I just cant compare game scores head to head for a SP only game with a relatively short campaign.
Saying this game, which by the demo is good, should have the same score as a game like Uncharted 2, makes NO sense whatsoeover. UC2 is a complete package, not just a SP game with a relatively short camp,, where replay is by going through the game and doing redundant side missions...

3224d ago
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