Kotaku: 2010: The Year Of Better PSP Games?

Kotaku writes: "How can it not be? A new Metal Gear Solid, a new Kingdom Hearts, a new Valkyria Chronicles, maybe even that new Resident Evil with be released, all tailor made for the PlayStation Portable are due next year."

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Blaze9293276d ago

I totally forgot about that Resident Evil PSP game. Can't wait. Would love for Capcom to still bring out that Devil may Cry for PSP but I'm sure that has long since been canned.

Kingdom Hearts, I can't wait for. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, can't wait.

Noctis Aftermath3276d ago

Final Fantasy 13 Agito is more then likely a 2010 release, they need to add it to the list.

sikbeta3276d ago

I can't believe but I agree with this tool


Top on my LIST

menoyou3276d ago


stopped reading right there

PotNoodle3276d ago

Its been great for PSP recently, been playing my PSP loads. Part of the reason is due to me buying a PSP Go and the fact i can now hold, use and carry around a PSP thanks to the new shape and size of the Go, but i wouldn't of bought a Go if the games were not there.

<3 PSP

Chris3993276d ago

No UMDs to lug around and I can just swap games on the fly. The home console systems have been pretty barren for JRPGs too (my favorite genre), so the PSP has always been a mecca for me in this regard.

Next year is pretty chocked full with releases too. A lot of nice games in the pipe-line, both RPG and non.

juniorpop3276d ago

1) Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
2) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
3) Valkyria Chronicles 2
4) Echochrome 2?
5) Fat Princess PSP
6) Hot Shot Tennis??? Why a spot in this list???
7) What the freak is that?
8) Uhh..the recently announced Army of Two PSP?
9) Dante's Inferno?
10) Resident Evil PSP?
11) Silent Hill PSP?
12) What game is this??
13) Eye of Judgement PSP...
14) Duke Nukem PSP?
15) Badman 2?
16) What RPG is that? Looks like SquareEnix production..

Where is Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Patapon 3?

Jerk1203276d ago

I'm more interested in the NDS lineup.

The PSP one is kinda lacking and it's got nothing on GS DS.

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