The Case for Achievements for Zelda Games

The Legend of Zelda series has always been known for its multitude of side quests and mini-games. However, as a long time Zelda fan I find myself skipping a large percentage of these options in the more recent games. For games like Ocarina of Time, The Oracle games, and The Wind Waker, I played them over and over until I had every heart piece, every quiver upgrade, every item, and etc. As of late, I have found myself not caring about these things when I play through a Zelda game. I believe that adding some form of achievements would deepen game-play in the Zelda series and create a much richer experience.

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PS360WII3313d ago

Well that's a rather silly thing. He likes to do the quests that give him in game rewards but now he wants the superficial rewards in the name of achievements instead of in game rewards. Awesome guy! /s

EvilTwin3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I don't understand it, either. If you unlock something in-game, or beat a boss and get an item to use for the rest of the game...that IS an achievement. Do you really need some other "special" icon to pop up onscreen or something?

Don't get me wrong...Zelda needs some freshening up. A full orchestral soundtrack should be a no-brainer at this point. It needs to push the Wii graphically like no other title has. Motion+ better give us a darn good combat system. That's the type of stuff LoZ has to nail.

LegendZelda3313d ago

Then why do so many people like achievements? They are nothing more then a digitized recognition of what they do. But it is the fact that the game gives you credit and validates what you are doing which makes more people inclined to do so.

PS360WII3313d ago

Getting the boomerage is the games recongnition that you did what you did. People like achievements and trophies not because it says they did something in the game they like them just like those who level up to 99 because it's something to do. It doesn't make the game better which is why so many played King Kong. Not to show off there awesome skills at a bad game but to get 1000 points of nothingness. Has no bearing on a 'better' game just non helpful e-pene junk.

Sure there are games I hunt out the achievements for but then there are games that don't have an achievement for something I want to do in the game. I still do what I want in the game even if I don't get any "points" for it. The reward is the in game item

LegendZelda3313d ago

I actually liked the King Kong game lol. I played on the game cube though not the xbox 360.

I agree and disagree. For some people it is about just the points and showing off. But that is more for a over all gamer score that extends outside of just one game.

People like me do them cause they are like extra rewards and recognition. I do not care if i miss an achievement and stress out about it like some do. But it is encouragement for me to do the extra task that I otherwise would skip. With zelda games i no longer do the side quests cause I no longer feel the need to carry 100 bombs or arrows. I think an in game kind of achievement system may give a little extra encouragement.

Thats really all that achievements are. Encouragement to do things outside of the main goal (minus some games like king kong).

Thanks for commenting by the way.

PS360WII3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Hey no worries. Sorry if I'm coming off a bit angry too! I do understand the want people have for achievements. I'm still in the frame of mind of completing the tasks I want to do. I do like maxing out my ammo and going to that tower that has nothing to do with the main quest or racing the mailman for nothing other than props to me ;)achievements seem like a disservice to the imagitive and slaps you on the head by saying do this or it doesn't count but that's a generalization so don't take that at face value. Oh and lol you liked King Kong the video game?!? Well done man well done ;)

Achievements while giving you a point of interest can still leave you missing out on other aspects of the game. In the end I do feel as if Nintendo and 3rd parties will add in their own check list for the games even if the system doesn't have a universal counter. Crystal Bearers just came out and that has a Medal Board (or achievement/trophy list) so it's all coming full circle

LegendZelda3313d ago

How could you not like King Kong lol? I got that the xmas it came out and beat it the very day. Not sure why but for the time I thought it was amazing. I bet if I tried to play now it would not be so good.

But on my site a staff member and I are having a legend of zelda article contest. We alternate days and write ones that we feel would get discussion and generate traffic. I pulled this one off of a forum post from my site. Made an article out of the idea. Started with one that was a decent topic but not very in depth. But I will have 2 more this week that I think you would maybe like more.

I find some achievements to be very petty and irritating. Like in a lot of sports games. In NHL 2K9 you get one for getting a shutout with one specific goalie. Or getting 6 points and a shootout goal with on specific guy. I find things like that to be dumb and exist only for the purpose of getting people to spend extra time doing a dumb task and add to their score.

I like the ones for doing quests or just spending time in the game and motivating me to play more.

PS360WII3313d ago

haha yeah I the weird one because I didn't like King Kong :)

Cool an article write off is a fun idea ^^ I'll have to check out those other articles when they come. Yeah those achievements you pointed out are annoying just like the 'complete level 1/2/3/4/5' ones >< they might as well make one for starting a new game!

One for borderlands was killing an enemy by jumping on it. I thought that was a good one because 1 I didn't know jumping on an enemy caused damage and 2 the title was in honor of mario heh.