Dragon Quest IX Ships Over 4 Million

Square Enix announced today that Dragon Quest IX had shipped more than 4 million units since it was released on the Nintendo DS.

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PS360WII3220d ago

Well alright. DQ up to 4 million FF nearing 2 million. I think SE will be showing off that profit margin now ;)

To bad people only buy the well know titles though :(

SpoonyRedMage3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Yup, it annoys me too but SE haven't been great this year with the timing of releases. DQIX killed Blood of Bahamut.

The "fans" do disregard some games though without ever trying them, like the Chocobo games!

EDIT: Although the actual shipment of DQIX is over 4.15 million, may sound random, but it means that DQIX is the best selling in Japan and it's still going. It's very possible that it will surpass the 5 million Yoichi Wada predicted.

N4GAddict3219d ago

SE needs to make TWEWY2.