New Super Street Fighter IV Gameplay

Anologhype, "A couple of days ago we showed the new menu and character select screens that were taken of the live Famitsu stream. Luckily for us all, clips from that stream have made their way onto the interwebs for us to see. The footage isn't the clearest because it was captured from a live stream, however it does have a few glimpses as to how Cody and Adon play as well as the new online 3 vs 3 feature. Another thing we noticed is that both Abel and Guile have been tweaked slightly. Enjoy!"

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Simon_Brezhnev3222d ago

Super Turtle Fighter 4 maybe i would get it if they had air block to put pressure on the damn turtles.

blackboyunltd3222d ago

everytime new footage comes out, it looks better and better