Mo. video gamer sentenced in Sanger teen sex case

A man has been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail for having sex with a 14-year-old he met on Xbox Live; after traveling 30 hours to get to her.

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Funqy3225d ago

That's downright wrong.

Ziriux3225d ago

Guys like this make me sick. Online gaming should just be used for team work in video games, not to have cyber sex with an underage girl, it's just sick practice.

Saaking3225d ago

Man, that's disgusting. This guy should never be let out again.

Ziriux3225d ago

Sadly instead of life, he is just going in for a decade, which most likely if he does a great job in jail will have parole and in no time he'll be out.

Does anyone think that this could have also been legitimate love?

FaSeCeX3225d ago

for the same game maybe haha

but on a more serious note..i dont think he should be locked prisons for the real criminals...this guy should have been locked up for a weekend and maybe lose both thumbs..have fun going through life with no thumbs

A HiFi3225d ago

It is possible. We don't know the details though. But at the end of the day, 27-year-old...14-year-old...I mean, come on. Considering he was on her myspace page, I'm sure he would have known she was 14.

Big problem with kids on Xbox Live is what they are exposed towards. For example, language. Some kids can take and accept the language at a young age and use it in a way which is not harmful or ultimately rude, but many will copycat. Isn't the service officially 18+? I seem to remember that.

Hellsvacancy3225d ago

The sicko should b shot dead

hulk_bash19873225d ago

It's called parental control settings, learn to use them. And I hope this guy gets sodomized like hell in jail so he learns his effing lesson when he gets out.

ThanatosDMC3225d ago

NAMBLA episode of Southpark but in this case it's a female.

FamilyGuy3225d ago

No really, he travelled 30 hours "non-stop" just to fXXk her so she had to be hot right? And if she was a hot 14 year old girl, what the hell was she doing on xbox live in the first place. A hot, 14 year old gamer girl? Maybe he thought she was worth it and WAS in "love".

bacon133224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I like how people are going around the forum disagreeing with those that said this is very wrong and perverted. Whoever thinks this story isn't evil and gross can go to hell. Good thing prison will be absolute torture for this guy. Good riddance.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3224d ago

Everyone who said this was wrong has at least 5 disagrees! WTF?!

Maybe the N4G community is even worse than I thought...

The Happy Baby3224d ago

wants to bang people she meets on XBL----you've failed as a parent.

And if you are a 30 yr old man, who wants to bang 14 yr old girls(not just on XBL, but PERIOD)----you've failed at life.

sikbeta3224d ago

I don't know why so many disagrees, but this "guy" deserve this

Guido3224d ago

It's disgusting to me that parents would not be informed enough with their kids to know that this stuff happens. I am a parent of two and keep tabs on what they do in my house. Call it an invasion of privacy or call it a parent being in control of what their kids do while under my roof, it matters not to me. I plan to make sure my kids do not wind up in this position... I don't feel like feeling the need to put a shot gun in some 30 year olds face for screwing my kid.

GrandDragon3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Using these mediums to interact with others will naturally involve having relationships. Remember when people reach that age they are more aware of their sexuality and things like this are bound to happen. In any case the law restricts relationships by enforcing age limits. So even if it was a consensual relationship America deems the law as superior and so this guy has to suffer years in jail.

Lets all not forget, the girl wasn't exactly playing as the hopeless naive victim, she was sending her picture to him!!! I think that's the reason why people are disagreeing with comments who are condemning this act.

In so many countries around the world a girl aged 14-15 can have sexual relationships and its NOT against the law. So reactions to such events will vary depending on where you live and what your attitudes are towards love and maturity.

However this Guy clearly understood the risks he was taking (since he lives in America) and for him to travel all that far shows he was either desperate and needed soma or was truly in love.

Also the Parents obviously failed to protect their child from making detrimental decisions without their knowledge. Its actually very appalling that the girl her self didn't bother informing her parents if she knew what was going to happen!!

ChrisW3224d ago

It's called practicing adequate parental supervision! It's not a setting that you can just turn on!!!

hulk_bash19873224d ago

No i was talking about the parental control settings on the actual console. I know what I was talking about. And I know the damn system has one, cause I own one. But thanks for trying.

reneki3224d ago

no worries, he's gonna get it in jail

elpresador3224d ago

..if it were a 14 year old male and 27 year old female, no one would think it was a bad thing (there is also a south park episode for this as well).

I live in Nevada and good thing it did not happen here. If you are caught having sex with a 14 year old it is a mandantory life sentence, no parole, no last second deals, its a go to ail for life card. Funny thing though is at 16, you are legal age of consent even if one party is 16 and the other like 40. Great state I tell ya.

ChrisW3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

You are right on one aspect of it, but adequate supervision also includes continuous supervision. Not just turning on a setting and turning your back.

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A HiFi3225d ago

Kinda non-gaming in a way, but at the same time - reminds you that Xbox Live isn't all just gaming and socialising. =S

Ziriux3225d ago

Yea, sadly a few people that decide to use it for other purposes than gaming, ruin it for the rest of the Xbox Live community.

SixZeroFour3225d ago

correction - reminds you that "online services" arent all just for gaming and socializing

Ziriux3225d ago

Anyone can use it for whatever they wish really, people do pay $50 online. The thing is, it's hard for MS to monitor something like this if people are not reporting these types of people, but than again, it seems that this girl was enjoying this, for all we know she might have been a little slut.

Wildarmsjecht3225d ago

He didn't get 10 years specifically for using XBOX live to commit pedophilia. He got 10 years for pretty much JUST committing pedophilia. These titles offer little to do with games.

Still, 10 years is the least he deserves. He'll be feeling it in jail tho.

A HiFi3225d ago

Well, it does say "lure" but I get your point.

NecrumSlavery3225d ago

This has everything to do with gaming. The 360 is a social tool and parents need too monitor what their children do on it. If gaming is another gateway for pedos to prey, then let it be addressed. Also shows the dangers kids face on LIVE. It's a community flooded with young gamers and moms and dads are resposible for keeping an eye out.

LostCypher113225d ago

This isn't just an issue with live. it's an issue with all socail Networking services these days. There was A story like this about wow last year. This is A Problem With anyone that can access the internet. unfortunately it's so hard for authorities to regulate.

3225d ago
NegativeCreepWA3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I take it you've never been on PS Home its a pedophiles dream come true.

LiL T3225d ago

XBOX Live JUMP IN...... my car little kids...

On a serious note, This guy should be water boarded and then raped in jail then given the chair. What is wrong with people these days?

deshon093225d ago

wen you can't find someone there own age

jump in more like jump on i kidd i kidd lol

HDgamer3225d ago

Live Jump in I got candy in the van

LiL T3225d ago

HAHA, have a bubble that was good.

@the disagrees- What a tool, you are either a hardcore xbox guy or a pedo or probably both. To all the disagrees please tell us what kinda van you have so the normal people on here can avoid/report you.

Dmitry Orlov3224d ago

nah, I've never been to PSHome so I can't compare these two services.
All I know is that whenever I play Gears2 or Halo3, I always hear a lot of screaming/swearing kids (I can't even understand what are they saying most of the time) and retards who claim to have sexual relations with various members of my family.

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