Go! Gaming Giant: The Saboteur Review

Go! Gaming Giant reviews the latest game to come out of Pandemic Studios, The Saboteur. Is this open world third person shooter worth your time?

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raztad3321d ago

I'm pretty interested in this game. Not sure why but it seems more fun than GTA4 to me.

I would love to see a review of the PS3 version. Glitches in the xbox, may not be present on the PS3/PC version.

I would like to see a comparison of the climbing in this game and UC2's. Climbing is a BIG part in UC2 and it's far from being automatic as seems AC2's. Perhaps it's just the purpose of the climbing itself, UC2 climbs in order to solve puzzles, progress through the game, dunno about AC2.

jack_burt0n3321d ago

After 8hrs with the ps3 version it runs well a little bit of screentearing but nothing major the AA technique they have put together for ps3 makes it the best version for sure.

As a game the climbing mechanic is rigid like Ac2 and just as slow it works but imo its not great the best aspects of this game are the stealth kills, disguises and comedy I laughed as much with this game as i did AITD "Guy is grinning like a cat with a cream a** hole".

AC2 lacked for me a proper stealth mechanic I never found myself sneaking that much, it was more fun in the sabotuer for me it just lacks polish £20/$40 purchase imo.

raztad3321d ago


Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I'm waiting for the game to drop in price to $40 or less.

pwarnock3321d ago

The Nazis are an easy target, but I think this space is going to quickly be over-saturated.

omicron0093321d ago

I like the time period this game takes place in, too bad its so buggy.

Murgatroyd73320d ago

Not as good of a score as I was hoping for. I still plan on checking it out, though.

LukeA3320d ago

I'll be grabbing this one for sure. I have been looking forward to this game for awhile. Shame that it's so buggy, but I'll wait until a few used copies show up on eBay.

The time setting is what drew me originally, as I like the gritty-ness of that era.

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