The Agency: WarCry's Preview

At its most basic, SOE's latest announced title is a spy-themed MMO, but to say that doesn't truly communicate the sheer originality of the project. The Agency whittles away most of the MMO genre's base assumptions and strives to be pure, unmitigated fun. It's fast, it's sexy and it's utterly ridiculous. It's everything people have come to expect from the contemporary spy genre and it's an MMO.

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cocoapebbles4741d ago

this title seems like its gonna deliver

dissectionalrr4740d ago

yeah.... lots of sony things "seem" like theyre going to deliver. we'll see in due time. remember, this is coming from the same group of guys that told us we'd be playing 4d games at 300fps.

Hydrolex4740d ago

Too much hyping ! is that something that Xbox 360 fans can dream ? Stupid hyping man yo know im saying this game looks Mario party

BubblesDAVERAGE4740d ago

PAC MAn was a steal least this was worth 1 million times mroe then pac man

Lucidmantra4740d ago

SOE (not Sony the PS3 party of Sony) but Sony Online Entertainment... have a track record of screwing up MMOs. They totally ruined EQ, SWG and forced Sigil to release Vanguard early to recoup costs and will fix a game that was released 6 months to early as they go. Planetside, MXO same deal..ruined. EQ2 is still a decent game but could have been so much more...

I really hope this delivers for PS3 fans... I do... BUT SOEs history is shady at best. And they are looking for something to bust on the scene like WOW did. Fanbois aside Blizzard is killing the MMO world and making it impossible to compete with it due to the fact that by some counts costed between $15-25 MILLION to make. Who will invest that much in a game that might only have 100,000-200,000 users subscribe. This is a good bet for SOE because the PS3 can give them another source of income. We will wait to see if there is a pay-to-play monthly scheme or not for PS3 users as I am CERTAIN there will be for the PC side of the game.

As for the rest of it, I have Huxley coming to the 360 and we haven't heard a damn thing about Marvel Universe Online yet on the 360 side. Not to say The Agency will suck... I am just pointing it out as a guy who HAS been paying for accounts from SOE for over 8 years.. from EQ1 to present.

Also this is anticlimactic but I will say 100000000 times better than...


PACMAN OUT today... first new levels in 26 years...
(and the last time i cared about PAc Man was when i was like 8 waiting in line in arcades and at gas stations to play it. Working on a Rubics Cube..)

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