Virtual Console: The Missing Classics

When the Wii was initially unveiled, Nintendo made a big song and dance about the plan to make the system a one-stop shop for gamers of all ages. Not only could you play state-of-the-art motion-controlled creations on Wii, as well as your entire GameCube back catalogue, but consumers could head to the online Wii Shopping Channel and grab the games that time forgot.

Fast forward to today and whilst the service has offered the Western world Sin & Punishment on the N64 for the first time ever, as well as Super Mario RPG making its long overdue debut in Europe and Australia, there are some games that have unfortunately yet to make the grade for one reason or another. Join the C3 team as they delve into the archives and see what gems are still languishing in the vault.

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Shnazzyone3226d ago

Nice read... alot of classics that would kick butt... secret of mana 2 especially.