"Dead Rising" Banned in Germany

The sensational zombie-slasher from Capcom for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising, will not appear in Germany. Apparently the USK, the people who test the appropriateness of games, didn't like the way you can hack, slash, kill and maim the zombies. This is especially odd because a number of years ago the same group did approve the infamous game Carmageddon, in which you had to drive over people for points (although human pedestrians were replaced by zombies in the German version).

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aww, that sucks for the german 360 owners. this looks like a awesome game.

i expect the title will be imported illegally...

kingboy6168d ago

oops which country is next?

mikeeno76168d ago

No other country is next, Germany is known for its notoriously harsh videogame violence laws.

Gamer136168d ago

Can,t wait to play this game.

Sidherich6168d ago (Edited 6168d ago )

Its not banned in germany it just wont get sold. There is no law in germany that prohibits selling these games. It is howewer forbidden to get this game into the hands of minors. It is also forbidden to show the cover to minors or advertise it. So basically minors shouldnt even know that this game exists.

Because you cant display it publicly most big retailers dont carry this game at all. You could ask the clerk if they have it tho. If they do they can sell you if you are above 18.

Now comes microsoft and they say that they wont sell any games that are not rated by the USK. the USK tested Dead Rising for example and said: "We cant rate this game because it is too brutal". This game would then be added to the "Index" on which all games are listed that fall under the rules above (no selling to minors). Because Microsoft doesnt publish it here (altho they could) it isnt sold here.

The same happened with Condemned too. So i just asked the nice clerk at EBGames and he said they have the UK import version which runs on german systems as well. The game even had german subtitles <.< So i guess the same will happen with Dead Rising. Its not forbidden to be sold its just that you have to be 18 to buy them.

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