NZGamer: Heavy Rain Hands-on

Sam Prescott: "Heavy Rain is a different sort of game. Oh - you've heard that before, right? Well, stop what you're doing and listen, because this time it's not just hot air. This game is different. Point one: this is the most intensely filmic game I have ever played (good or bad thing? Well, it's a game, not a film). Point two: it's the most realistic looking game I have ever played. Point three: it has a completely unique control style. Point four: it has a truly compelling story. These points are only going to get pointier, and someone's gonna lose an eye, so let's switch it up."

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Madeline123219d ago

They had the same preview everyone else played, first 11 chapters out of 60.
I am so excited about this game, i think that starting slow is actually a good thing, the purpose is that i care for the characters and get immersed in the story.
The only one starting "slow" seen to be Ethan all others are involved in varied activities and situations.
Shelby is in a fight and interview with a prostitute.
Jayden FBI agent crime investigation.
Madison robbers(or whoever) attacking her.

rbluetank3219d ago

this game seems huge. this equals out (60/3=20) to 20 chapters per characters. day one buy. i can not wait to play this game over and over until the blueray disc cracks.. lol