Debunking the Myth that PS3 Owners Don't Buy Games

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The NPD retail reports hit late last week, and with it, the usual brouhaha following the PS3's 'lackluster' performance. This month, the furor was fueled by the fact that Uncharted 2, which topped sales charts in the previous month, failed to make an appearance in the top 20. Allegations were levied against PS3 owners, accusing them of not being real gamers, and not supporting software with their wallets.

The fact of the matter is that this just isn't the case.

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Bungie3222d ago

i think they just got too much good games to choose from

like PES 10 and other games

they like variety not jut shooters

Saaking3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

uhh, this myth is just stupid to be honest. Anyone with common sense can tell you that PS3 exclusive sell VERY well especially considering the large majority of games released never reach 1 million yet most Ps3 exclusives do.

And of course the 360's one year head start and 2-1 lead in NA will OBVIOUSLY lead to higher sales.

deadreckoning6663222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

No ones saying they don't buy games its just that 360 owners buy MORE games. Maybe its because there are still more 360s than PS3s in American households or maybe its because 360 owners tend to be "loose" with their cash since they are so used to being nickel and dimed by M$.

M$ treats advertise multiplats as if they were exclusives, therefore they sell more on 360. Its makes perfect sense. MOST of the games on the market are multiplats, doesn't it make sense to concentrate on advertising multiplats the most?

RememberThe3573222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

The only real solid explanation is install base. I know install base it's the only thing driving sales but it is a big factor and it's something we actually have numbers on.

Also, when it comes to exclusives, MS publishes far less games then Sony does. They can afford to spend more money advertising their titles then Sony can. Just look at the baffling lack of advertising from Sony for Killzone 2, then MS's great advertising for ODST.

WildArmed3222d ago


Somnipotent3222d ago

wow bungie, you actually said something i agree with. kudos bro!

lordgodalming3222d ago

I don't know how I compare to others, but I own 24 PS3 games including PSN titles. I've had my system for less than two years. I will be buying at least three more games in the next two months, as well as some DLC.

SilentNegotiator3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

People who can think b3yond (lol) immediate/initial information already knew this. The PS3 sells software fairly well, when you actually consider ratios. And PS3 exclusives almost always bust 1 million.

CrazzyMan3222d ago


Though, it`s Japan, but still 1M is respectable number. =)
1 000 000 in 24h.

Oh, yeah, the world doesn`t end with US sales. :)

raztad3221d ago

This "who buys more games" argument was really alien for me till I found N4G out, and it's fanboyism in its purest form. It's worst than "my list of games" is better than "your list of games".

As a gamer I'm only interested in what games I buy and how can I get them for the cheap. Most games for me are late purchases or even second hand. Only groundbreaking/highly expected titles are worth $60.

Whether Sony makes money it's not my problem because they dont care about me, they only want my money.

3221d ago
sikbeta3221d ago

This is xboyz logic when is convenient for them

When they talk about hardware, they know what console have a big user base than the other


When they talk about software, they for some reason forget about the user base and start talking crap about PS3 user base

That's why when we talk about software they always say PS3 games fail because don't sell like teh Haloez, like if the xbox user base has nothing to do with teh salez of the Halo sequels

rezenu3221d ago

Take a chill pill and breath dude. o-O


Again, I don't understand this mentality of games must sell five million launch day to be considered a success. All of those games you just mentioned are great games in terms of gameplay.

Shouldn't that matter?

Since when did gamers play sales?

raztad3221d ago

Orange-kittle above is a perfect example of a fanboy I was talking in my previous post. Guy probably doesnt have a PS3 but he cares about games sales on a system he doesnt own, why? as a fanboy Orange-kittle needs to say "My system is better than yours and the PS3 it's teh BD playerzz"

I'm pretty sure we will see KZ3, UC3, R3, inFAMOUS2, because lifetime all those games sell good enough to warrant a sequel. To argue about "my game sold more than yours" is fanboyist and has been rendered worthless by the whole library of Wii shovelware dominating the charts month after month.

pippoppow3221d ago

Only the uninformed think this. Any game that sells over 1mil is great. WW sales are what matters. So just because a game sells less than 1 mil in one region doesn't mean it is selling bad in others. Global companies require global sales. It is most important. Only the 360 diehards hang onto NPD like it trumps WW sales. There are plenty of multi-platform games that sell about as good give or take as the 360 version. Exclusives sell in the millions, enough for over 100% profits and sequels assured. This gen really has been full of erroneous information but like most information to get to the truth requires a little digging.

Have to love the dedication by some of the 360 worshippers for believing in just about every negative PS3 news, irregardless of proof.

damnightmare3221d ago

There's that thing called the 'Open Zone' for a reason

NecrumSlavery3221d ago

I use my PS3 for more than just games.

When have you ever heard anyone say, " Sweet! Thank God I have an awesome Xbox 360 to watch the entire series of Halo Legends on....wait....DVD!

BTW HL is coming to PS3 Via Bluray.

It does only every the 360 can and can't

LastDays3221d ago

You morons agreeing with him, he's being sarcastic.

Jowlah3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I agree, BUNGIE. I just bought 15 games in the past 2 months. And I am trying to find the time to play through them. I have a PS3, and a Wii and an Xbox 360. The only thing that dissuades me from getting certain PS3 games are the mandatory hard drive installs that are eating up space. Other than that, I would buy more.

GrandTheftZamboni3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Actually, PS3 owners buy more games per console. At least according to VGChartz. Twice as many 360s, but the game sales ratio is less than that. About 1.6/1 even in November.

I know many don't like VGChartz, but I couldn't find aggregate figures from NPD. All I've seen was TOP 20.

shawnsl653221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

These fanboys are making the rest of us U.S. gamers look bad. And yes, the US does not equal the world, but unfortunately some people cannot think outside of their little basement.

gaffyh3221d ago

Great read, with factual evidence, don't usually see that on N4G. The funny thing is when the industry talks about "lackluster" PS3 game sales, PS3 owners don't care lol. Uncharted 2 sold 1 million at least (and will sell 2 million eventually if not already), 1 million sales was enough for them to cover their costs and get into a profit.

Who cares if it didn't sell 8 million? As long as they made a profit and can make Uncharted 3 I don't give a sh*t, Uncharted 2 is still one of, if not the, best game ever made. Uncharted 3 will only be better, it's a great time to be a PS3 owner :).

It Only Does Everything.

Consoldtobots3221d ago

wow if more people were like me the PS3 would be ahead of the Wii already.

120 PS3 games (and counting)
40+ bluray movies


Alcon Caper3221d ago

@ Saaking, the earlier release excuse was debunked when Dreamcast didn't sell as much as the PS2. In fact, the PS2 put it out of business. And it was released a year before the PS2...

GWAVE3221d ago

The problem is that the media and fanboys would rather make a blanket statement instead of investigating the facts. Surprise surprise.

nnotdead3221d ago

its not that easy. Dreamcast failed for many reasons. no need for me to go into them.

Alcon Caper3220d ago

regardless, it nullifies that whole "was-released-a-year-prio r" argument

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ngg123453222d ago

The attach rate. Which means that hardware sales being 10 million less than xbox 360 caused software sales to be lower.

raztad3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I knew Borderlands on the PS3 did pretty poor. In my case game never was a buy or even a rental. Thats why Patcher "predicted" Borderlands "was sent to die". That would be totally true if only PS3 sales are considered. Way too many games in October, closely followed by MW2/AC2, to even consider Borderlands.

shadowfox3222d ago

I think that XBL helped sell Borderlands, I know getting invites and seeing everyone on my list pushed me to get it. Plus, PS3 owners had Uncharted to play.

PirateThom3222d ago

Due to Demon's Souls and God of War not being released here, I picked up Borderlands.

RememberThe3573222d ago

There were just more games on PS3 this fall that I think Borderlands got lost. 360 owners had a little less to play so Borderlands may have been more visible.

It's a great game; simple yet fun, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is a fan of both Diablo and FPSs.

DRUDOG3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Went to buy another game and ended buying Borderlands (PS3) used on a whim. One of the better games I've played this year and I still haven't had a chance to play co-op. Definitely worth the $40 or $50 it's going for now...

Ju3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Still, Borderlands is somehow a forgotten title for the PS3. A 1:4 ratio is not the norm, and I even think that's not the usual "multiplaform titles run better on 360" argumentation because what I saw Borderlands works great runs great on the 360 and PS3.

I was on the fence getting it, but it just wasn't on top of my list. It made it pretty close to my top, but then there were just to many title. So it fell off my budget. I was hoping on getting it later, but the games onslaugther continues. My wallet does not recover and I am not sure if it might become a victim of being forgotten at some point, which is a pity for that game, TBH.

Must have been just the wrong timing on the PS3, then, I think. It released with UC2 (and R&C). This was a tough time slot. I guess that's all it was.

mastiffchild3221d ago

This argument has always been BS of the smelliest kind. Vesed on the vastly lower install base in the US we get fed this idiocy until the weker minded among us actually start believing that:a, it's true and b, the world begins and ends with the USA.

The "PS3 owners buy no gamez" BS takes no notice of certain multiplats selling better worldwide on the consoles(RE5, SF4, Fifa, PES, TR:U among others IIRC). It takes little notive of the majority of 360 exclusives that also fail to sell Halo FPS numbers-by the same reckoning games like Kameo, Viva, Banjo, every 360 jrpg to date, NB, NG2, Halo Wars etc, etc are as big or bigger flops than U2 or LBP. Also this ignores the way PS3 exclusives sell-over a longer time with more strength than most 360 games. LBP started slowly but is now on it's way to 3million, no? ND only want U2 to pass U1 and it's already way above it's targets to do so within six months-just as Insomniac say aCiT is the fastest selling Ratchet EVER despite articles about it's sales!!

It's a plain fact that a hige number of 360 owners bought it to play Halo3. They are a massive bunch of shooter gans right there adn then add the same number on 360 that aren't inot Halo that much but will still play a FPS and it's little wonder, esp in the US that FPS rirles sell best on the 360-why wouldn't they? Games like Resi sell better on PS because of THEIR history with PS gamers, no? And that game is nothing compared to the symbiotic relationship between Halo and Xbox now is it?

So, can we just drop this BS now? Seriously, do people think those of us that paid what many wouldn't for our PS3s did so not to buy any games? REALLY? Anyhow, Gears and Halo are the two big selling exclusives for MS on 360 with even Fabkle lagging well behind and comparable with games called, intheir time, flops on PS3. Put the BS away and stop with the sales spin everyone. Play a game or something, yes, as we ALL buy them .

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Hudahudahuda3222d ago

How the hell does a PS3 site not work on a PS3 browser?

shadowfox3222d ago

Probably because the PS3 browser sucks.

TheDeadMetalhead3222d ago

At least it has a browser. ;o

Hudahudahuda3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Shadowfox seems a little grumpy today, try loosening some ends and watch some youtube on your 360's browser

Oh wait..

BRB ordering pizza from my PS3 because you know, it only does everything.

mrv3213222d ago

It sucks soo bad I have yet to find a website that doesn't work on it.

bjornbear3222d ago

one of them being:

make the website as accessible to other formats and browsers as possible.

then we can only blame the web designer.

however, i curse this rule because IE is the reason why web design is a bore...
but one must still make it work on it regardless if its a bad web browser or not =)

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unrealgamer583222d ago

well if were talking ps3 games they usaully end up selling 4 to 5 mil in theyre lifetime, that's nothing to be sad about

Seferoth753221d ago

Only 4 ps3 games got those kinda sales.... MGS4, COD MW1, MW2, and GTA4... So much for most games getting those numbers and so much for the BS excuse that PS3 owners are buying more exclusive games.

Lot of Sony fanboys in this article just pulling stuff out of their a$$ to try to prove something wrong we ALL know is true. When you've got an attach rate lower than the Wii you are not selling any games. Sony counts a demo as sales and then gives out just about every major game to come along in some sort of bundle deal just to get that attach rate.

ico923221d ago

i dont think you understand the reason why ps3 games arn't huge sellers its because of the ps userbase and its diversity , meaning your never gonna get just one game that sells like crack , and saying that sony counts a demo as a sale is that any diffrent from microsoft counting an expansion pack (odst) as sales because in case you didn't no odst is one of the best selling games on the 360
also this is a historic trend its been like this scince the ps1 days 1st party games with the exception of GT have never been huge sellers they have always been 3rd party 3rd party was to sony what 1st party is to nintendo the best selling ps games have been major jrpgs, racing sims , stealth actions , and action adventures , when GT 5 is released it will sell north of 10 million, FF13 is already a ps3 best seller and its only been released in one region. hope that cleared things for you