PlayStation Underground survey hints at PSP-PS3 possibilities

If you can't read the screenshot, Sony is asking about what you'd like to see with PSP/PS3 connectivity. The ideas highlighted are:

-Side missions or unlockables for PS3 games on the PSP

-Transferring media wirelessly to the PSP (not just what we've got now, we mean broadcast television and new levels for games)

-Using your PSP while playing the PS3 as additional weapon or utility (radar, 2nd controller, etc).

-Recording your gameplay for boasting abilities later on in life.

Click the link for more info.

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Diselage4242d ago

Some of those features would be fantastic, like the recording wow.

Systematrix4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

That definitely needs to become a built-in feature for ALL consoles. Then I could put together my own montage of head-shots and frag tags in Gears. Maybe put some James Brown behind it or something. ;)

drtysouf214242d ago

PSP seems to be getting better and better so i think i will pick one up!

ch_ymh4242d ago

If these ideas come true, i think PS3 is going to be a hot stuff.

PS360WII4242d ago

survey on the weekend ^^

americanGTA4242d ago

I wanna take this survey...... link anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.