Final Fantasy XIII English Language Fact Sheet Released

With the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII making it's retail debut in Japan last week, enthusiasm for the title is unsurprisingly at an all time high. Though the Japanese release was limited to a single format, the forthcoming European and North American launch will see both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 graced with Square Enix's latest title in the bloodline of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series, and to that end the publisher has decided to appease English speaking fans with a brand new Final Fantasy XIII Fact Sheet.

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alexy00893321d ago

Oky Doky im ready for the experience of a lifetime BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

El_Colombiano3321d ago

Are you now, well then what are you waiting for! Demons Soul's can be bought at most any major retailer!

kwicksandz3321d ago

every major retailer except in every PAL territory.

alexy00893321d ago

to late cubano lol i already have it

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