Mistwalker's New Game To Be Announced Around Springtime

Siliconera: Hironobu Sakaguchi blogged, he won't be able to discuss the game he's working on before the year ends. He thought he could, but he can't and apologized for the delay.

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Tony P3225d ago

Cool. Been wondering for a while now. For once, I actually appreciate the announcement of a future announcement.

qface643225d ago

its gonna end up being that wii game its rumored they are working on then everyone is gonna either laugh or act like they don't care about it

Cold 20003224d ago

It better be a 360 game for 2010...

Bungie3224d ago

i have to look into this game


Saaking3224d ago

I've been getting curious about Lost Odyssey. What is it comparable to? Is it good? It's pretty cheap so I might as well play it.

Xeoset3224d ago

If you have yet to played Lost Odyssey, you are missing out on one of the best RPGs of this decade.

It isn't really comparable to other game, especially with the collectibles as such as the '1000 Years of Dreams'.

Anyway, I'm hoping for another Xbox 360 RPG. Blue Dragon is underrated but the scores Lost Odyssey got were atrocious for how good a game it was.

kewlkat0073224d ago

I hope he announces something soon.

GUNS N SWORDS3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

lost odyssey i can say is a very much under appreciated and underrated RPG i've played yet.

the core concept of lost odyssey was to bring back the turn base system that FF7 and 8 had.

the story of lost od is pretty much the same concept of final fantasy 7; the whole world of lost odyssey revolves around this magical energy (which is red instead of green.)

it is this energy that makes the city of Urah the most powerful and progressive city in all the world of lost odyssey.(like midgar in ff7) the energy has changed the way people live, how technology progresses and how battles are won.

kaim is a mercenary solider who ends up going ex-solder when he finds out that he singed a deal with the wrong person.

If that doesn't sound similar i don't know what, but even the intro to lost od is very similar to FF7.

anyways, i think the game was much viewed in the wrong way, the music for one is something to listen to.

i hope they make a lost odyssey 2 or something similar.

wxer3224d ago

Mistwalker wont last for long with the xbox for much longer
they make good games
and they dont sell

if Mistwalker want the game to sell on the xbox
simple ... just make it a shooter


kewlkat0073224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Magic Energy vs Materia

One of my Favorite tracks.

Lost Odyssey - Epsylon Range

gaffyh3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

@Saaking - Lost Odyssey is like an old school FF, pretty much an FF clone, and it's very good. One of the best JRPGs this gen, seriously.

@Xeoset - Personally I found the 1000 years of dream boring, because it was just text some sketch images. Would have been much better if they had had some cg movies. I still collected all of the dreams, for the item they gave, but I didn't read any of them except a few.

On topic - I hope to God this is Lost Odyssey 2 and NOT Blue Dragon 2, because Lost Odyssey was miles better than Blue Dragon.

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mrv3213225d ago

I know this is off topic but I'd love for a game to be in the style of the image, just penciled in sort of thing. Now like action just a story driven thing on XBLA/PSN.

kaveti66163224d ago

That's a great idea. But instead of just grey penciling, it could be color pencils. Kind of like Okami except not with paint.

SoX FireBlade3224d ago

I hope it's a 360 game too bad they canned cry on :(

lowcarb3224d ago

Yeah Cry On would probably of turned out great.

MajestieBeast3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

5 disc rpg?

NecrumSlavery3224d ago

So it's a 360 exclusive?. All of mistwalkers games never make it big in JP, well anywhere really.

I'd say a Wii/DS game

jdktech20103224d ago

It's basically your standard JRPG with a little kink thrown in as far as the skill system it of the best JRPG I've played but keep in mind I've only played a few FF games.....I would definitely recommend it

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