VGArabia: Bayonetta review: Action at its finest

VGArabia: Over the top action, Japanese pop music, and sexual themes are some of the things you are going to see in Bayonetta. Ok, we might have seen this before, so what is unique about Bayonetta then, you ask? The fact that Bayonetta has mixed these elements so brilliantly is a feat in its self, nothing feels forced, it's all done naturally within the game. But this isn't the full story here, playing Bayonetta makes you remember the fact that you are playing a videogame; it isn't trying to be an epic movie, nor to be melodramatic.

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hardcore19123223d ago

I think that Bayonetta will surprise lots of people

FiftyFourPointTwo3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I'm one of those people. My older bro got his copy two weeks ago and I must say I'm impressed. I can honestly say, after watching my bro play several times, that this game will be more fun than DMC4. No offense to DMC fans.

alaa3223d ago

Yes the game is great. Action beat-em up fans will enjoy this a lot when it will be released next year.

Baka-akaB3223d ago


none taken ...
it is like the real DMC 3 (dmc1 .. then dmc3 as the second game ... dmc4 being some watered down and upscaled version of dmc 3) for most devil may cry fans .

kewlkat0073222d ago

I put it on the list to start off 2010.

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immortal843223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Even though the demo was great, the full game will blow hack and slash fans away.

jalen2473223d ago

Good review. Looking forward to Bayonetta. I enjoyed the demo.

Johnny Jiron3223d ago

but yeah I had fun with the demo. I never really enjoyed theses games. Any variation on the genre from DMC to Ninja Gaiden to yes even God of War I just couldn't get into it. Then the demo for this came along and I found myself very much surprised. It was absurd and over the top but overall quite fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.