Get your God Of War III Demo via District 9 Blu-Ray This Week

As reported last October, fans who are not fortunate enough to obtain a voucher code for the demo of God of War III via pre-order will be have another chance in getting one this week.

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Saaking3228d ago

The best movie this year with a demo from next year's most epic game? WIN.

NecrumSlavery3227d ago


you are wrongo buddy

MerkinMax3227d ago

How is it compared to District 9?

nbsmatambo3227d ago

you could just buy the GOW Collection....which is AMAZING :)

DaTruth3227d ago

I've owned the God of War collection for 2 yrs now! I was gonna buy District 9 anyway!

Kevin ButIer3227d ago

If it contains GOW III demo or something related ^^

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ramon_v3227d ago

i don't really see these two even tie in together. weird promo if you ask me.

plus, who doesn't have this code already? seems like this exclusive is tossed in all over the place now.

i'm not knocking the demo itself, its great.
if anyone needs a code, let me know. i have 3 extra and would happily share if you've missed out for some reason.

KULLPRIT3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Dude can i have one of those demo codes? I didn't get to try the demo out yet.
I don't know is there are pm's on this site but my email is [email protected]


sukru3227d ago

one more, I sent a PM, if you still have it can you reply?

ramon_v3227d ago

sure, i just responded to both of your PM's with the codes for both the game and the phantom of chaos skin dlc.


(btw, you can't download/use the skin until GOW3 comes out you play throught it once)

IrishAssa3227d ago

Ha me to buddy I wanna try it out so bad...

Edit- damn to late lol

DaTruth3227d ago

Both are created and owned by Sony!

sukru3227d ago

It really is very fluid. Wow!

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belal3227d ago

sorry district is a greaaaat movie, but this is james cameron we are talking about. this man ONLY makes epic movies. i would buy the movie instantly if it came with gow3 demo!

still gonna buy it wihout the demo!

Saaking3227d ago

Yea but the DVD release of Avatar isn't gonna be for a few months. By then it'll probably be too late.

Athlon3227d ago

I know this is off topic, but did you guys look at the Bayonetta background on that site? If you did, did you notice what that statue on the left had its hands on? Umm yeah. What the heck?

xcox3227d ago

you won't believe how good they look on your HDTV

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