Outfit your Xbox Avatar with a free sweater this Christmas

Gaming Target writes... "As a thank you to the community, Microsoft began sending out free download codes to Xbox Live users last night to purchase a free "Ugly Sweater" from the Xbox Live Marketplace."

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Saaking3315d ago

Well I wouldn't want my avatar to get the chills in his virtual world now would I?

Sunny_D3315d ago


TheXgamerLive3315d ago

OK, just an FYI for you, it's part of XBOX LIVES 14 days til new years. each day there giving away one different thing/item.

SilentNegotiator3314d ago

My worthless avatar now has a cozy sweater!

Solidus187-SCMilk3314d ago

its funny to read the spiteful comments from a bunch of people who dont have 360s.

bacon133314d ago

Enough Avatar crap. How people can spend REAL money on clothes and items for a cartoon version of themselves is beyond me. Give that money to charity or a good cause you ****heads! Hey MS, discounted arcade and original games please.

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SixZeroFour3315d ago

free is always welcome...i wouldnt wear it lol, but its still welcome

Blaze9293315d ago

oh boy...finally update the free avatar marketplace...and it's for a damn sweater -_-

Mr Marbles3315d ago

well thats cute, I actually like avatars, they are fun and cute. My kid really gets a kick out of mine because it looks like a little cartoon me as she calls it.

xaviertooth3315d ago

ahahahhhhh... sweater! a jpeg sweater, lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.