Best Buy Deals; The Saboteur, Dragon Age Origins & More!

Take a look on the week of December 20 – December 26 for some of the best deals at Best Buy. One of the many highlights of this week's best deals at Best Buy are The Saboteur and Dragon Age: Origins. Sure there are a lot more, but what are they?

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The_Devil_Hunter3249d ago

Theyre some pretty good deals. Except for the TH Ride game....uh just lower it down to F.R.E.E. or maybe just
discontinue it while your at it.

ThanatosDMC3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

$44.99 for Dragon Age is so expenisive! I got it for $34.99 during Thanksgiving. If i touch it again, i'll be hooked.

That sucks, i bought Fallout 3:GOTY for $65. Oh well, i spent at least 100hrs on it so it was well worth it.

ShiNe-Box-3249d ago

Now I feel like playing Borderlands again. Don't know if I should cancel the copy of NGS2 I just ordered from Amazon and get borderlands instead.

dragunrising3248d ago

I am compelled to pick up Metroid Prime Trilogy now. Good thing I waited.

dirthurts3248d ago

Very good game.
Much better with the Wii controls.

duplissi3248d ago

looks like ill be getting borderlands this week.

JussBlazn3248d ago

yup. looks like I'm getting Borderlands also haha, see you guys online

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