No Dpad: Blade Master – Prelude to Destruction Review

No Dpad writes: "South Korean developer Minoraxis recently released Blade Master: Prelude to Destruction to the App Store, easily their most ambitious iPhone title to date. On first impression, the game struck me as being very similar to GameVil's Hybrid Eternal Whisper. On closer inspection, however, I found this impression to be somewhat off the mark.

Blade Master is a side-scrolling Action RPG. The story is the typical RPG fare, somewhat convoluted in the telling. Calmark, a former knight corrupted by his insatiable lust for power, is a pretty bad guy and wishes to unite the realms beneath his cold, hard fist. On the eve of war, you take the role of Prince Aramis, the youngest son of King Umed of Necken, who sets out to right the world."

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