Blu-ray 3D Good News, And Very Bad

The bad news concerns the cost of viewing Blu-ray discs. While Sony, Panasonic and LG have all promised they'll have 3D sets available shortly in 2010 (LG says it expects to sell 400,000 3D sets next year), it seems that suitable 3D specs will cost users in the region of $75-$150 each!

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hitthegspot3227d ago

If this is true then this tech will go the way of the Laser Disk. At the time that tech launched the only thing in it's way was the cost of the media.. Deja Vu

mrv3213227d ago

DVD's, PC, PSP, PSone, PS2's, CD,Vinyl, TV, HDTV, Radio, I-pod, Laptops, phone, camera ALL STARTED OF EXPENCIVE... all tech does but it comes down. Now tell me all thos are failures?

mjolliffe3227d ago

Price will always come down no matter what it is.

hitthegspot3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

You do realize that TV and Radio are free. Laptops, computers, and phones are required by businesses and business is what drove the prices down to the consumer level. Everything has a price point. Did you know that roughly 60 percent of a film's attendance needs to be in 3-D in order to break even? This was stated by Benjamin Swinburne of Morgan Stanley. If this is true, and the recession continues 3D film and TV could be just a fad like it was in the 50s...

Sexius Maximus3227d ago

Most commentors on this site don't know about any technology before the PS2, some even the PS3. Anything that Sony backs is gold to them. I've been a early adopter of many technologies, and I've been screwed many time because of it, so I agree, the price will need to drop quickly considering this is an unnecessary purchase in this rough economy.

OGharryjoysticks3227d ago

Those prices look like a Collector's Edition price tag so it's not a big deal. Instead of one game which you can play for 20-30 hours, you're buying glasses that work with everything on TV and get 1000's of hours.

Gee, I wonder which is a better deal?

Sibs3227d ago

Yeah, but 3D with glasses is created to fail. I don't want ANOTHER thing to recharge. Plus if it fails mid-movie, it totally ruins the effect.

hazeblaze3227d ago

It will start off expensive but will come down in price very quickly as it is adopted by the mainstream. I already have a 3D set, so you better believe that I will be purchasing 3D content as often as I can! So will others that have spent money for the tech...

I just saw Avatar this weekend... and after seeing that, I want EVERYTHING to be in 3D. It was unbelievable... and ppl will pay for unbelievable ;-)

IdleLeeSiuLung3227d ago

Plenty of people are still using SDTV.

DaTruth3226d ago

You must be a former HD-DVD owner!

elpresador3226d ago

..about betamax, sega megadrive (us anyway), sony mini cd, laser disk, 8-track, hd-dvd, turbo graphic 16, sega cd, sega saturn (i only add consoles since you did as well) panasonic 3DO, Virtua Boy, if i remember right, those all FAILED, so your post fails since you only pointed out succesfull bits of tech/

frostypants3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Blu-ray will go the way of Laserdisc because of the price of an optional accessory? LOL. Go sell insane elsewhere...

Blu-ray has already far exceeded anything Laserdisc achieved in the market. Do you even remember Laserdisc? NOBODY had them, and the price for Laserdiscs was waaay beyond that of Blu-rays.

People who compare Blu-ray to Laserdisc are disgruntled HD-DVD fanboys.

Commander TK3226d ago

Avatar will have a Blu-Ray 3D release.

Guido3226d ago

Tot he old days when the HD-DVD and BD war was going on. We know what happened there and from the sounds of it, the HD-DVD camp never died and they have all come here to roost. Sure 3D will be expensive at first but the popularity it is getting today in the theaters is a true showing as to how much it is being adopted into the homes now. It will not fail, you can mark my words.

krisq3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I think I've read somewhere the first released version won't be in 3D :(
Some special editions later should be though. Too bad, this is a perfect title to showcase new technology.

Ahh, found it:

The Happy Baby3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Cost them 50 cents to make, and they wanna sell them to you at that price?
screw that. besides, IMAX 3D is way better. Give me affordable 3D projectors, and you gotta deal :)

Speaking of Avatar---it needs 750 million to break even. Good. F*cking. God. Thats alot of money.

The Lazy One3226d ago

The price of the glasses is ludicrous unless they're the most comfortable glasses in the world. For a set like they have at most movie theatres, it should be no more than $10 (that's still a price gouging price.

BISHOP-BRASIL3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Those format wars have existed since early 1900, with piano paper roll. That how bad it is! LOL

We have been between those all the time, most of us don't even realized!

Did you choose any electronic recently based on the kind of battery it use? You know, there is this ugly tech war right now between Li-Ion and NiMH, no one has a standard right know.

Maybe, back in the 80's you guys all have CDs... What? No? Well, they were there, but everybody just used tapes, most didn't even knew CDs existed before 90's. That's what we call a comeback.

What about Betamax? Too snob for you back in the date, the movie studios would've liked to disagree. Betamax generated the tech that movies were all recorded on, before edition and later recording into later Tapes and early DVD.

Have you ever used your Bluetooth to intercomunicate computers? Probably not, you use wi-fi for that. But you sure have once used or heard about linking devices to a computer by bluetooth, well, back in the 90's you would have been using it wrong.

What about Memory Cards? Anyone guessing who is the winner? There are like 5 big memory card formats out right now... This format war has been annoying to camera/photo lovers for more than 10 years now. And for what? The smaller they get, more of them I lose! I miss those bricky lap top PC Cards.

Only thing we learn is... Anything can happen.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3227d ago

that the 70$ price point would be for extra pairs.

hitthegspot3227d ago

Charging $60 for a game is one thing... It could be justified. It's your favorite game, you're going to play it multiple of times, you can play it on line, and there are always DLC and possibly mods. But a movie for $75-$150 come on. I hope this is not true. Even at $60 it's too steep. I would always go for a game over the 3D movie.

Everyone claiming that the price will come down: It will require a specific # of consumers to buy in at the start to have the prices come down. How many years has Blu-ray been out? I think we are just starting to see the prices move, but look at the buy in and the number of Blu-ray capable players in homes. People are going to need to rebuy TVs and other components to experience 3D.

This is going to be a fun one to watch.

kneon3227d ago

It's the glasses that will cost $75-150, not the movies. I expect they will be priced about the same as they are now

Perkele3226d ago

"But a movie for $75-$150 come on."


"You do realize that TV and Radio are free."

Where can I get these free tellys and radios?

superrey193220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Well there was another article on this site a few days ago explaining that not only is Bluray on par with DVDs back in the day in terms of how fast they dropped in price, but Bluray is actually a little cheaper than DVD players would have been at it's respective year. So according to this article people will need to buy new players? that kinda sucks.

kewlkat0073227d ago

Sh!t to expensive. I'm not gonna go out and replaced my DVD collection for movies I'll watch once maybe twice in a bluemoon.

Adding 3D + 3D HDTV + 3D Blu-Ray to the equation = short term fail

callahan093227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Why replace your DVDs when you can just start buying movies you never owned before on Blu-Ray? And... too expensive? I went out shopping yesterday and I bought Inglorious Basterds on Blu-Ray for 20 bucks while the DVD was 23 dollars. And I see this quite regularly lately where the DVD is more expensive than the Blu-Ray. At Amazon right now, it's like this:

The Hangover:
Blu-Ray ... $17.99
Single-Disc DVD ... $19.99
2-Disc DVD ... $24.99

Inglorious Basterds:
2-Disc Blu-Ray ... $17.99
Single-Disc DVD .. $19.99
2-Disc DVD ... $24.99

District 9:
Blu-Ray ... $17.99
2-Disc DVD ... $22.99

Public Enemies:
Blu-Ray ... $19.99
2-Disc DVD ... $21.49

See my point? It's easy, now, to find Blu-Rays for cheaper than you can get DVD's. And there's plenty of classics available for 10 dollars, 7 dollars, even less, on Blu-Ray now. Blu-Ray really isn't that expensive anymore.

BYE3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

They were expensive until about a year ago, now they're cheap.

Unless you gonna say 10 dollars for a blu ray is expensive, which I don't think you would.

DaTruth3226d ago

Here come all the "Bluray iz teh fail" people back out of the woodwork!



I'm in Brazil right now, new releases cost like 20US$ (40R$) for DVD and 40~60US$ (80~120R$) for BD.

Anyway, this is thanks to stubborn government that won't bring tax down, and stubborn movie publishers that keep saying there isn't enough market here to produce the discs in Brazil and afford taxes.

While they fight about who's to blame, the BD factory in Brazil produce BD to export and the brazillian consumer have no option but to get those imported overpriced copies (they are in portuguese, just like a DVD factored here, but they were ordered from japan by Publishers).

I feel raped now... But damn they look so good! LOL

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