PC Gaming 2009: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It's been a rollercoaster year for PC gamers. We've been thrown about on adrenaline rides, dropped into pits of despair and taken on some of the most amazing trips of our lives. Anyhow, enough with the rollercoaster metaphors; lets look at a year of PC gaming.

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sundar1123318d ago

PC gaming had a pretty weak year . Only peak point was Demigod.

gameseveryday3318d ago

I felt the need to comment on this.


I am sorry, but PC gaming had a huge year. Even though the only downer was MW2 debacle, but we had some great games like Total Empire and Batman. L4D2 was another great. There is a whole lot of developers like the ones who made shattered horizon who are actively supporting the pc. I think that gaming wont exist without the pc gaming.

champ213318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

pc gaming had an awesome year.

games i bought this year:

Arma (exclusive)
Batman AA
Call Of juarez: bound in blood
Dragon Age origins
Empire Total war (exclusive
Operation flashpoint Dragon Rising
Red Faction Guerella
Resident evil 5
Street fighter 4
The secret of monkey island special edition
Tales of monkey island
Warhammer dawn of war 2 (exclusive)

Just buying all those games on pc i saved atleast 200usd over buying then on a console. Whats more i played all those games on superior controls, Graphics, modability.

Id say pc gaming has been solid this year.

pwarnock3318d ago

As much as I like PCs, the future of gaming is with consoles, particularly portable versions.

Nihilism3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

I highly doubt that, despite the ever present fanboy logic, pc gaming continues to thrive more than ever while the present generation of console's have earned their various makers record amounts of debt, it is more likely that the modern console will cease to exist and that 'console's' will merely be games streamed to the lounge room via an integrated entertainment system known as pc.

PC has always and still does have the largest number of exlusive gamers per year, as well as more multiplatform games than either 360, ps3 or wii. As long as there are computers, there will be pc gaming, and PC's are not used for only gaming: therefore PC gaming will never die.

On topic:

that's actually a pretty decent list of pc games for once, they still missed a few but they at least covered the bases, usually they list 5 games or so and give the impression of a slow year, the list needs a smidge more BFBC2 though

champ213318d ago

"the future of gaming is with consoles"

Consoles are for ppl who dont mind being controlled or being told how things are going to work. On Consoles things will just work the way Sony or Microsoft want them to. Sony atleast has some business ethics, cant say the same for microsoft. Microsoft will milk their customer in every way they can. Still id never want my way of gaming to be controlled by any one of thse companies.

Pc gaming is different, Pc gamers do alot of things their way. PC gaming represents freedom of choice. Once you go PC you just cant go back.

dirthurts3318d ago

Pc gaming lays down the path that console gaming walks.
We pave the way.

GamerPS3603318d ago

I game on PC more than PS3 and 360 combined. Weak or not, there were plenty of games to keep you busy entire year.
Next year, we also have Mass Effect2, Bad Company2 (my big game), Crysis2, Bioshock2, StarCraft2, Conviction and many more.
I will game on PC until I can find one.

fossilfern3318d ago

Id put FEAR 2 up there since it was a complete shadow of its former self, and i feel it was becuase it was "consolised" i know some people will disagree but thats what has happend to it. AI was dumbed down, Guns just didnt have that powerfull feel they did in FEAR 1, took out the lean, no Dedicated server support it was just a complete shame :( hope they just make FEAR 3 like the did the first one

Nihilism3318d ago

I loved fear 2 on pc, the graphics were pretty damn decent, and it was a fun game, I thought the guns had awesome feel especially the sniper and the hammerhead gun or whatever the hell they called it

3318d ago
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