New Monster Hunter Tri Screenshots and Details Revealed

Lots of people have been waiting a very long time for a Monster Hunter game to debut on the Wii, well now the wait is almost over, and as these brand new screenshots hot off the press from Capcom show, our patience will soon be rewarded! Monster Hunter Tri takes the player to an ecosystem where man and monster live side-by-side, not just on land as previously, but also now under the sea in the all-new sub-aqua environment.

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Eric Barrier3222d ago

Those shots are nice. The art direction is fantastic. Cannot wait to play it in 2010.

qface643222d ago

i have been literally dying to get my hands on this

ThanatosDMC3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Btw, you can import the game and put the english patch on it. It was great what it added on to the series but it took so much out from MHFU/MHP2G. Less weapons, armor, monsters, stuff, etc.

I actually feel that i've finished a monster hunter game which is weird since it's a monster hunter game.

hatchimatchi3222d ago

This game coming out exclusively for the wii is a huge blow to sony. I personally don't understand all the hype for this series (i've only played it a little bit), i mainly watched my friend play it on the ps2, he absolutely loved the games. Great news for wii owners though, this thing is gonna sell like crazy in japan. I'm not sure if NA has a big audience for it. I wonder how the online system will work?

Myst3222d ago

Eh it's a title that really works best with our people playing along. As well the beginning part is relatively easy; while the latter portion of the game is where the action is and where most of the tactics is needed.

Also I wouldn't say it's a major blow to Sony, as every home console version of Monster Hunter eventually lands on the PSP. This one could be the same and the portable versions always sell more than the console ones. Over here in the U.S. It may be the opposite since we never got Dos so it's all up in the air I'd say.

Myst3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Already have the pre-order for this started, just need to finish it up and pick it up the moment it arrives.


Nintendo, Capcom or whoever is in charge of this please bring over the classic Controller pro...

Shoko3222d ago

WiiChat huh? Haven't been there in a while.

na-no-nai3222d ago

gonna be awesome game. cant wait for it to come out. now if sega can bring over a phantasy star to the wii with 4 players co-op and online, then it gonna be badass

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